Not Common Sampler

(Not Common rec.)




Nice compilation of 7 new bands for the indie from Massachussetts.
We start being given the foot by Disengaged, presenting a blend of raw antitrendy punk, and we keep on with Red Invasion, to be precise playing a sorta pogo punk rock.
Then we have Archaic, proud of their low-fi modern hardcore/metal, which has an awesome end, influenced by the early Earth Crisis.
An excellent surprise is Bane of Existance's "Iconoclast", a composition of 6' 30", grinding violently at the beginning and before the very final seconds; the rest is monolithic death metal gifted with demolishing riffs and massive growlings.
"Institution" is basically a metal song with HC vocals, including a good guitar solo; nothing particularly original here either, but I'm convinced the band, Command Presence, which knows how to write effective songs, will win a certain deserved degree of popularity in a short while.
Then we unluckily have Kevorkian's Angels: what with the mean old school HC riffs and especially the ridiculous cheesy vocals that would like to sound like the best early Raw Power's, but will never be able to, we have the worst song of the sampler. It's really a mystery how they can've achieved a deal, well!
Finally, Muddy Animals, closing with 2 short tracks - in fact the term songs isn't proper in this case - of which the first telling a romantic story, featuring intermezzi by noises ala Naked City. Definitely funny and weird!

The marks are 65/70 for all of the bands, except Bane of Existance and Command Presence, meriting 80, and the obscene Kevorkian's Angels getting 45.