Ecce Lex

(Overcome rec.)


MARK: 95/100

Listen to track n.6 "Sunset Motel"


The Swiss grinders have earned popularity mostly thanks to their second album "Eyesore" and the following European tour with Ananda, Botch, Dillinger Escape Plan, Nasum and Napalm Death, during which they showed their charismatic stage mastery to the audiences who still didn't know them.

Now we have a confirmation about the improving of their songs, both technicalwise and songwritingwise; they deal with a fast
, furious and very metallic hardcore, as revealed by "Rude Awakeing" and "What's up in your cryotube", quite original. Nostromo usually sound less grind and heavy than their labelmates Inside Conflict (The Swiss have more melodic structures), but heavier than Earth Crisis or Hatebreed, leaving no seconds between a song and another, so as to tighten, and indeed 'choke' the listener in their grip; at some moments they're not far from some solutions heard from Dillinger Escape Plan or Burnt by the Sun, but will be appreciated by Napalm Death's and Strapping Young Lad's fans too.

While "Stillborn Prophet" pays a big tribute to Slayer, like every extreme metal band does, "End's Eve", lasting a little more than a minute, is nothing but an atmospheric arpeggio to prepare the listener to "Lab of their will"; this is a proof that Nostromo wanna experiment new ideas without losing their identities; here you have aggressive nervous parts entined with a few melodic ones based only upon undistorted guitars. So do "Sunset Motel" in the beginning - then groovy powerviolent - and also "Turned Black".

The track "Seeking an Exit" shows an interesting break just in the middle with strange guitar sounds, while "Feed the Living" is enriched by melodic guitars set in the typical attack, reaching the top in the 15 seconds of the grinding blast of the title track and a mighty Blockheads' cover version of "Unwilling and Slow", closing with long screams and a noisier end. I suppose their early fans will not like the new Nostromo, especially when they have melodic calm parts, for instance at the beginning of "Turned Black", yet many people will consider this new record as their best so far as we do.


Jérome Pellegrini
9, rue du Pont Neuf
1227 Carouge - Switzerland

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