'Nostradamus' MCD

(Mystic Monk recs)


MARK: 87/100


From the French underwood Overcome distribution brings us a new sensational band, a juggernaut combining the fiercest species of metal, hardcore, stuffed with smooth breaks.
Take "0014", which has a brutal start, a melodic passage and quite corrosive intervalled vocals alà Naked City, before sudden and unexpected rhythm changes. You'll feel like on a rollercoaster planned by a psychotic Horror Chamber freak. It's very disquieting crusty music. At a certain time the guitars are now mono, then stereo and mono again, and I can hear some noises and background vocals, all of this introducing us to a crescendo finale.
The short following "Parking Machine" comes without interruptions, mixing Dillinger Escape Plan, Coverge, Burnt by the Sun, etc.: a pure concentrate of restless violence, while "Own" is the best arranged track, also boasting an effective drum work; the guitars are heavy and pyschedelic, and then it's time Nostradamus zero zero quatorze run us over with a raw change, and all hell breaks loose! This song could be described as a swing of emotions and a paradise for odd time lovers.
The very good sound derive from the engineering in France and Converge's Kurt Ballou's mixing as well, and they help us to appreciate the 4 songs deeper.
It's a shame that the closure, "0000", is a very short song xero-copied by the end of "This Love" by Pantera, with just some guitars more, but this ends up with being the only fault, just a petty crime I quickly forgot by admiring the mad visionary artwork and the lyrics written in a manner that's gonna make enigma and crosswords experts glad to decipher. Great work you've done!


Alexis, P, 17 rue de Vaucoulers, 75011 Paris - F
E-mail: P2909@wanadoo.fr
E-mail: mricx@free.fr