'2007 Demo'

(self produced demo_CD)

MARK: 81/100

Click here to listen to"Lord of the Borders"


Not many have had the opportunity of listening to the new long-awaited demo of the Zelenograd band, once again with a few line-up adjustments due to the different stylistic directions leader and founder Alexey wishes from time to time.

The almost 17 minutes are split in 5 tracks, and quite mysteriously, the opener "Berserks" is the weakest in the list; although the guitar plot passes by smoothly and lively, there are some epic vocals in the background facing guttural ones, sometimes echoed to add more infernal majesty to the music environment; the clean vocals are not bad but not even irresistible, apt for another genre of music. "The Plague" is a tad better, in particular thanks to a cool final break, but it is with "Scavengers" that the best Nosferatos appear back. This song is more old-fashioned, more Death/Doom, with increased brutality and sometimes reminescent of Broken Hope as for vocals.
Extremely dynamic and endowed with hot drumwork, "Garden of Torture" melts Death with Thrash, closed by a final acceleration.
The ace in the sleeve arrives with the closing track, "Lord of the Borders", a relatively long song full of rhythm modifications, the only one starting with a mid tempo reminding me the old Gorefest, but the fast parts (accompanied by raw Black metal screams) are music-wise not far Dying Fetus, though the Yankees are yet unmatchable. The Deathcore is followed by surgical drumming in the vein of Mortician, but this song is a perfect bridge bewteen past and present, using final riffs halfway between the latest Napalm Death and Soulfly. Definitely the most complete and successful composition among the new ones; we had no doubt about posting its MP4 here and in the download page.

Hoping that the official CD solves the above-cited small faults and aware of the scarcity of skillful drummers in Russia necessary to achieve a higher level, after six years of silence we can enjoy this hors d'ouvre which, by the way, was also recorded not bad at all.


Current line-up:
Lucifer (Alexey Kondrin) - vocals, lyrics (ex-Vrata T'my)
Charon (Deniss "Boroda" Kopkov) - bass (also in Vrata T'my)
Mr. Popov - drums
Ivan - guitars
Acheron (Sarkisyan Ashot)- guitars

Management: Evgeny Lomonosov,
Zelenograd, 803-242, Moscow 124527 - Russian federation

E-mail: headcrusher@mtu-net.ru
Official site:

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-Ventum Inferum de Tenebrae...(multimedia CD - 1998 self-released CD, re-released in 2004 by Blacksmith productions)
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