(Code666/Eibon recs)

MARK: 91/100


The Swedish genius is back with his immense class already shown with MZ412, Thee Maldoror Collective, Folkstorm, Toroidh and a few others, with an 8-track CD containing almost 55 minutes of remarkable music, mostly aimed at pitch-black ambient, spectral like in "Lament", or rich in filtered vocals creating disquieting environments of tension, especially in the title track. "Cellardweller" is the only composition with guitars, at least in the first 2 minutes; funeral visions are evoked similarly to Robert Adrian Pejo's "Der Weg nach Eden" soundtrack, then sanity's swept away by terrorizing noise, death-rattles, noises of moving boulders, not different from the ones which can be heard during a deep earthquake or eruptive volcano; this song is really scary and that's why I adore it!

More than 8 minutes of background noises characterize "Kretslopp" (Soul Circle in English); the sounds are intentionally very low and dark, as to remind of the ones present in a black hole; the vocals are demonic (like in "Hasrimh", to which shouts, suffering and derangement join).
"Natt" is based on space keyboards sounds giving out vibrating sounds and other destabilizing ones, among which final fast pulsations. To make things not stagnant military march tempos are added in "Sulphur Mist" before the 17 minutes of the closing "Seeds of Blood"; in the latter you'll find from the '30s music to reverberations, threatening percussions and samples, gregorian chants and even howls; cracklings, ground and other noises not announcing anything good, which lie in the background of low mixed lugubrious chants.

The summary of all horror and sci-fi soundtracks put together and much, much more: or in a word, "Awaken".