New Killer Stars

'Crash Their Parties and Rob Their Houses'

(Dying Giraffe Recordings)

MARK: 82/100


Just from nowhere comes out this 11-track CD from the Dutch trio I'd been looking for for some time, thinking they played music inspired by David Bowie's song which inspired its monicker. But I was wrong; assimilating the Punk rock lesson of the Ramones who started giving birth to songs of 2-3 minutes going straight to the point and making the recipe contaminated with melodic vocals reminding even Nirvana at times ("No Paradise", "Only at Night"), New Killer Stars are actually more connected to the 90s.
They reach the apex in "Mindbreaker", not omitting acoustic episodes ("Susanne", also matched with a nocturnal video available here, and the untitled closer) and
tight tunes with fuzzy guitars such as "You Know That It's Good", riding the rebel musical bumps close on Foo Fighters, Danko Jones and No Fraud.
There's a hill of beans of catchy riffs and refrains and it's useless to cite one in particular, while it's important to inform people that the album also includes darker obsessive melodies somehow related to Rockabilly (!), as is the case of "Stars on the Radio".
"Fire" is one of the most original tracks and one where lead and backing vocals add that extra spice a song of this kind needs.
Some people are musicians for cause and the Dutch are 3 guys who answered art's calls exposing all of their attitudes without gimmicks. This record might've come out 20 years ago and we would've said the band were trying to jump on the bandwaggon; nowadays you record tracks like these only if you're pushed by inspiration and don't care about the sales, therefore a tip of the hat is really deserved. Instead of spending upwards of 600 dollars for the 15-CD collection of Motorhead's early albums reprinted for the nth time, why not spend a reasonable price for an honest, well-played and recorded album, support an indie like Dying Giraffe Recordings in a period where physical CD sales are scarce and be in peace with one's conscience, aware of having made the right choice?


Line-up on this record:
Jelle Von Gosliga - d.
Sytse Bloem - v., g.

Cesar Eisma - b.

Official site:

-Hebrew Matthew (EP - 2007)
-Crash Their Parties and Rob Their Houses (CD - 2011)