'Straight to the Pain'

(Agoge records)

MARK: 87/100


Third album for the nth Roman band from Agoge Records, displaying a raw, gritty production, powerful and revealing the members' full potential even during the most crowded passages with the exception of the ones in "Judgement Day".
The topics dealt - all in English - range from the death of a brother, love, hate and other strong emotions, to masochistic sex, existential issues, as well as escape from popularity's oppression under a new identity, and all of the lyrics were chosen exclusively by Francesco Lattes as happened in the previous two albums. The genre is a blend of Alternative Metal, Metalcore, Rock and Punk deriving from the five-piece's main influences (Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, Muse, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Dream Threater, Bullet For My Valentine, System Of A Down).
"Straight to the Pain" has been totally financed by a crowdfunding campaign and has to be reputed a good goal for an act that was born as a 'project B' from musicians active in other combos.

After a cinematic intro with Classica references, "Into the Pain", it's clear how important riffs and heartfelt vocals are the main characteristics of the five Italian artists: "Never Too Late to Die"; there are rounds of fast riffs, mighty drums and more controlled parts where the clean vocals are doubled with corrosive screams, and it was a right guess to choose this composition for a video being one of the best and most complete (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv7S4-NqPZ4).
While "A Senseless Tragedy (Bloodstreams)" is fit for the north-American market owing to the top-notch clean vocals in and out the refrain, as well as intrusive devilish screams, "Judgement Day" is rich in licks standing out the usual refrains and verses; the strange vocals and riffs in a part of the song remind of System Of A Down and One Minute Silence, but in the end the song doesn't suffer from that much.
The title track starts with spoken words almost rapping Saliva-like before the delicious refrain; the hot guitars, the guest soprano female vocals from Death Metal squad Elarmir's singer duetting with the clean male vocals in the vein of Evanescence and Skillet are just the icy on the cake; the vocalist also recurs to a couple of growls and seems to be busier than usual here; once again supreme drum patterns emphasize how important the skinbeater is to the quintet's final sound.
Abundant with light and shade effects, "What's Your Aim? (Call It Insanity)" contains adrenalinic and poetic vocals, sighs and sees the bassist working hard to fill the song with his lines. The last part shows crushing Metalcore parts with whispers and spoken words again reaching a climax before the involving reprise, where the two guitars underlining the accents and riding just in the finale.
"Lost in London" is a marvellous ballad with a moving guitar solo, whereas the magic vocals achieve moments of pure ecstasy.
The second part of the album goes on with the nervous "Love Kills Anyway", baring one's teeth in the supreme weavings between guitars and drums; the vocals remain melodic almost all the time bar a conclusive sudden burst resulting in a scream.
Delivering a great deal of feelings, vocal styles and pinch harmonics, "Bitch on My Wall", doesn't escape the traditional addition of a scream within the Metalcore structure and distinguishes itself thanks to the refrain and the intense vocals. One more time New Disorder are dead on target!
If "The Perfect Time" thrives on moments more or less distorted, "The Beholder" shuffles the cards starting and ending bluesy, and later bringing back to the memory certain stuff of Metallica ("And Justic for All"-era), yet with the vocals distant from James Hetfield's thousands of light-years, being sometimes close to Placebo's, on other occasions Stone Sour's and, to a minor extent, Papa Roach's; more often the vocals are personal and that happens when they evoke dreams, threats and aggression. Another axe solo and a rapid fugue complete the frame.
A second version of "Lost in London", this time acoustic, reminds of Skid Row and Extreme.

These twelve tracks plainly make you feel the amount of experience in performance, arranging and songwriting gained by the five-headed outfit in studio and live, which even brought them some time ago to appear in a Coca Cola commercial. Compositions that will make you breathless...Their power is undeniable!

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - August 10th, 2015

Line-up on this record:
Francesco Lattes – vocals
Fabrizio Proietti – guitar
Alex Trotto – guitar
Ivano Adamo – bass
Luca Mancini – drums

Rome - Italy


Official site:


-Total Brain Format (CD - 2011)
-Break out into Disorder (single - 2013)
-Dissociety (CD - 2013)
-Never Too Late to Die (single - 2014)
-Straight to the Pain (CD - 2015)

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