Nessuno Schema

'Issue # 10- June 29, 2013'

(Nessuno Schema fanzine)

MARK: 90/100


From Gradinata Nord's drummer, 11 years after issue # 9, here comes the long-awaited 10th issue of Nessuno Schema fanzine, actually a glossy book coming in A5 format professional printing and coloured front cover collecting 202 pages all in Italian split into: one interview, recent reviews, reviews of old albums, stories behind specific songs, stories behind the writing of this issue and the previous ones, full of anecdotes and thoughts about life and his same attitude, a football corner (soccer if you're off north America), show reviews, Gradinata Nord's tours, his previous bands, his summer trips, his fishing and mountain bike occurances, and much more.
Claudio Canclini hasn't read a fanzine in years and he even stopped following his favourite football team in 2010, he rarely goes to concerts, now preferring to look for vinyl rarities at decent prices and this very long reading made me find a lot of things in common with him: like him I've also reduced the number of shows I attend to because I move only for something really new and extraordinary to see or if it concerns my job of reviewer.
Like him I also had a few bands I sang for even if I haven't released anything with them, while he has a decent demo/discography; I also had a few zines and now run a webzine along with other online actvities; we both shared similar life experiences before, during and after shows and reading this issue feels like diving into my happier and easier teens and twenties. After all we're almost old the same, we had friends, adventures, travels and juvenile madness like most metalheads, rockers or hardcore followers had between the 80s and the early 90s, so my mirror neurons get switched on permanently during the reading, although I have never met him personally or spoken with him over the phone. To me, all this reading is like opening an old box or a drawer containing photos, postcards and notes from the past, or meeting friends or classmates I haven't been in touch for decades; I admit it, I'm much of a nostalgic person, because my past was mostly far better than the present, so I wish to keep this issue jealously along with the other zines, records, patches and so forth of my collection; I don't think my family will ever understand that completely, but this is a way to be connected to my youth, a part of my life; I wouldn't be like this - in good and bad - without this fuckload of material, so why cut my roots away and throw all this stuff away or sell it if I still like it and have enough space for that?
It takes several days to read all the fanzine but not because it's boring, all the contrary; reason is that the pages are so stuffed with words and reflections (so as to reduce the number of pages and the consequential printing cost) that you sometimes stop to think of your very past and remember akin pleasant or unpleasant events buried somewhere in your memory; on other occasions it's simply necessary to go back to a few pages to reconnect and recheck the references and data of the so many pieces composing this opus magnum; a shredded night reading often generates these needs and the rest of the day would be impossible for me to find the time to read it (sorry Claudio for the late review but I couldn't make it faster ;).
The writer, as usual, has a straight humble way of writing and describing people and situations, adding lots of detail in brackets, thus assuming the characteristics of a refined diary; it's impossible to be sick and tired while reading "Nessuno Schema", since a way is always found to attract the reader and stick them to the chair/bed from the start to the end of an article; this means there's an elaborate editing work behind which took him many years in front of the computer before completing this effort.
The zine attitude doesn't give a rat's ass to deal with or review just Punk, Hardcore, Ska, Rock or Metal, and that's because the guy typing this magazine has vast knowledge in diverse genres giving him the luxury of talking about everything under the right perspective when making comparisons and analysis; moreover he can be detached, ironical enough nowadays as well as he was spontaneous, hectic and involved when he was young towards each of his music and writing projects. The zine title (No fixed pattern in English) was not coincidental, stressing out the intention of writing without limits and bordering topics not usually covered by a music zine; although the title is linked to the past, being it the title of a song by hardcore titans Kina, the content choice is decidedly modern, as everyone knows that in the past it was a pride for most zine writers to deal with specific music styles only. The times have changed, and so have people, but we have to keep what was good from the past; this is the meaning I read between the lines.
After all these years, he's the last one left working on the zine due to other interests or life changes in the other ex-members of the staff, yet this doesn't appear to hinder the multifold aspects composing this small jewel out of paper.
There's not one file less interesting than the others even if the episodes, the bands and the people described outside of the reviews are mostly from the writer/editor's restricted area, and might not concern so much someone from the rest of Italy; the biggest limit is that unfortunately this printed magazine can be accessible only to those speaking Italian. At the same time this is going to be the least of the problems, as the 500 copies of the zine are being sold out in a short time just living on the glory of the previous paper fanzines and without a real promotion! If you're the lazy and not so interested type, an Internet version with vintage photos and other bonuses is announced, too, still I hope that the majority of readers will find the time and will to read all the pages (or most of them) like I did, because this might be a sufficient spur for Claudio to deliver more enjoyable issues drenched in humour, wisdom, life and gig situations, as well as rich details about bands, genres, in the years to come. Keep up the good work, mate!

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th November 2013

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