'The perversion of humanity'

(Self-released demo CD)

MARK: 70/100

Listen to 'One Day in Hell'


In Switzerland the metal scene isn't too crowded, so it's easy to remember the few bands hailing from the Emmenthal land. Nekropolis are one of them and this is their 3rd demoCD after 5 years of existence. They play a sort of symphonic Black metal, including some Death and Power metal elements and their songs aren't bad at all. I think the main problem resides in the discontinuity of the quality proposed.

To be more precise, the best written songs are the piano-based intro "Nocturnus Aeternus", "Aeons of Technology" and "Worship of Devotion", both showing extracutting riffs; an involving paragon of Power and Black metal is contained in "One Day in Hell", whereas "Misanthropy" is embellished by a cybernetical break, a siren and divine guitar lines.
The dynamic "Memories" is another highlight of the CD along with "Shadows of Profanity", full of cool stop 'n' goes; the latter might be utilized as a sountrack and is definitely my favourite track owing to the perfect interlacement among the 2 guitar players, the keyboardist and of course the vocals and the rhythmic section. By the way, there's also a 14th track, a hidden one, where a slutty girl says all of those things that make boys and men happy, so drop your pants and enjoy the monologue.

A steady virtue of the Swiss sextet is the ability of composing in an effective and often original way, clever at blending different kinds of vocals (Death, Black, aggressive & angry, on some occasions even whispered) and a good taste in the sample choice. Last but not least, the sound is good enough for a demo-CD, so if they can find a label and can write another 6 songs at the level of the best ones, a top album will come out; to date they still have to refine a part of their compositions and render them more incisive. Time will tell us...


Marcel Roesch, Hondrichstr. 50, 3700 Spiez - Switzerland
Phone: +41 79 279 66 30

Line up :
Marc Steiner - vocals
Reto Wittwer - bass / vocals
Marcel Rösch - guitars
David Luginbühl - guitars
Thies Steiner - drums
Beni Weber - synthesizers

Discography :
2000 "Nekropolis" demo-cd
2001 "Demo '01" demo-cd
2004 "Organ Removement" dvd-clip
2004 "The Perversion of Humanity"