(Nocturnal Brights Productions)

MARK: 95/100



Are you looking for a long single track album that defies time, awakening archaic fears with futuristic robotic coldness, able to make your mind feel free and your soul fly out of your bodies? Then wait no longer and join the club of lovers of this one-track album, which is similar to a movie, in that you can enjoy that only if you don't miss the beginning, but at the same time the 39 minutes compounding this sole track guarantee a smooth effortless flow without decreases in your attention span.
The debut album from the 2 founding and leading members from Twilight Is Mine differs from the mother band and also from their other project, Abstract Spirit. Another huge difference is that 98% of this album is composed and played by Hater alone.
"Negatiff", the album/instrumental title-track plays on the contrast between
procession drums, an obsessive distorted bass line, a slightly hidden guitar stroke and a few minor drum machines and assorted sounds.
The beatings stop here and there and the rest remains to increase the choking atmosphere.
We can't talk about plainly evil tunes, but we can describe the track as twisted, tricky and hypnotizing, until deafening Industrial beats attack while a surreal keyboard traces magic parts in the air. When the guitar remains with the keys it sounds more prominent, yet it is still mixed at the same initial volume.
A further change in the composition brings more sombre tones and once again the drums are simple, martial and odd, still differing from the opening pattern.
This track is incredibly original as well as the cover, and those who love Dark, Industrial, or apocalyptic music may find a converging interest point. What's incredible is that even Mussorgskj-philes might love some parts of that!
I could never stress out enough how various and intriguing the keyboard and noise contributions are after the first 10 minutes, sophisticated but not elaborated.
If we really want to find a comparison then we should think of Godflesh, something off No Means No and even some Zappian madness but only for two-dozen minutes windows. You could be tempted in categorizing the product as Prog, but I believe it is misleading as many would connect it to Prog rock albums.
No way, if there's a concrete collimation in the central part of the track especially, that can be only with the latest Nuclear Death minus the vocals: Psychedelia, Rock, threatening breaks and boy, aren't those sounds good!
I'll tell you what: there's a high probability that psychedelic bands from the 60s out on a lisergic trip could've devised that, but they couldn't have been so complete, so expressive, since drum machines still hadn't been put into the market.
Among the several riffs and structures you can distinguish some Black rock one as one of the rare links with Twilight Is Mine's latest album, but it's only a 5% of the whole track.
The keyboards play a key role in the whole song, and yes, sometimes they are piano-like, but keep in mind that Negatiff is based on obscure atmospheres and no symphonic run.
It seems so easy to put together an album like this, notwithstanding the truth is another: you don't need high tech skills, but you need to be profoundly inspired and able to collect your imagination into an organic form. The two musicians can boast a fabulous level of songwriting and arranging and that makes the difference in comparison with a chaotic record with cool ideas and no general plan to link them; or between a run-of-the-mill record and a top one.
It's hard to describe an unusual opus like this, so I'll use a metaphor everybody can relate to: you cannot know the quality of a pudding till you eat it. Go get this awesome debut album: it's like taking amphetamines while watching a Picasso's but it's cheaper and healthy.


Line-up on this record:
Hater - g., b., keys, drum machine, noises
Stellarghost - piano



(CD - 2010)