'Conception of Noise'

(Self released multimedia MCD)

MARK: 93/100



Behind this monicker lies one of the most mysterious and promising band of the world's scene, one of those with so many riffs and good ideas that an average band could make 3 albums recycling all of them. This enhanced mini-CD includes 5 tracks recorded at Parastudio in Moscow in autumn 2001 but only recently has it been distributed to the specialized press. Soon the 10 track version of the CD will be out.

Well, it was worth waiting all this time, as one can already evince from the first track, "Divine", opened by a gloomy intro and then attacking with a thrash metal riff, soon evolving into a progressive death metal structure attacking and slowing down several times, so as to make the music different; what makes the difference is that the keyboards are used with parsimony only when they have to leave a significant trace in the 4-piece's sound, the drumwork is excellent, based on charleston and snare drums alternations, while the vocals quickly become 70's prog in the vein of PFM and many others; a pachydermical breaking riff comes in the middle making it doom/death, while vocalist/bass player Necromortum growls on a slapped bass and a crisp drum/guitar section; the guitars encarve great short solos before the acceleration leads back to the initial main riff, reminding of the most poetical Dream Theater. This song is a mix between Cannibal Corpse, Meshuggah and the finest prog metal bands; strange yet superb!
"Revelation 2.0" is a disturbing intermezzo where a malignantly effected man speaks Russian while another chap is being tortured and is contorting in pain; in the background listen to the stereophonical female whispered vocals and you won't but think about Lars Von Trier's "The Kingdom 1 + 2" atmospheres.
"Unique" starts with a crescendo where a huge carpet of keyboards soon leaves place to a doom riff on which 10-ton death vocals are flung onto. A prog-power riff is followed by riffs and vocals a là Death ("Symbolic" period), wonderful syncopations anticipate pop vocals and a genial classic metal guitar solo; penetrating keyboards dialogue with the guitars, quickly becoming as cutting as razorblades; a prog metal part brings this song to the end and I must assure you it's a sheer Masterpiece with the m as a capital letter.
After the cybernetic intermezzo of " '04" comes the time for "...Behind the Noise", where robotic noises insist together with the guitars; then they stop and the guitars stop and go along with prog/pop vocals followed by a scream promising more death metal vocals on a progressive death metal texture and so it is. Once again the hallucinating alien noises appear before the bridge, made with ethereal keyboards and progressive vocals somehow not far from some wonderful viking ones (I think about Vintersorg and so on), yet the keyboards smell 70's auteur prog far from one kilometre. There's a closing prog part with one guitar stopping and going while another adds a sort of solo, all fading after 4'45" of extremely classy metal.

Actually I'm not aware of other newcomers at the summit of songwriting, skill and arranging; add that the recording is perfect and you'll understand this is a CD that can't be disregarded. The multimedia section is unfortunately rather bad as for the inexisting flashplayers and pictures, however it includes a brief bio, some info and 3 live tracks recorded at the popular Relax Club in the Russian capital, of which "Without Suffering" is another quality song not different from the previous ones.
The future of music goes through bands like this, which has nothing to envy the most esteemed ones. Label managers, you've been warned!


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