Live at Rome's Circolo degli artisti
- Sunday 27/04/03
Organized by Kick Promotion Agency


MARK: 85/100



Insision cancelled their presence only 3 days ago, but it was OK, because the about 80 people who crowded the venue for 2003's second Italian date after Milan's afforded me to enjoy the concert from very near.

In their half an hour the Swedish 4-piece privileged their latest "Pestilence Empire", by playing "The Pestifer" (with some bass tapping), "Death Deceiver" and "A Tyrant's Hunger", and the old "Into the Realm of Legend", all with a massive drum work faithful to the record. It was very nice to find out the singer's humour with his final greeting, a swearword in Italian (I suppose he must've been thinking that that was the time he was closest to the Pope in his entire life...).

Necrophagia's stage featured a big flag, 5 poles with a hand, some heads, a baby and a dead girl impaled (who Killjoy French kissed and lascivously caressed during one song, reminding me of Alice Cooper's shows), and when the renewed band walked in, its make-up was the first thing everybody noticed: from the Asian keyboardplayer's rotting zombie face, to the other horrorific ones, there is a cool atmosphere, with Killjoy busy to draw the public closer and sing louder because his voice was low in the first songs. From "Holocausto de la Morte" we had the luck to taste "Blood Freak", "The Cross Burns Black", "Cadaverous Screams of My Deceased Lover", "And You Will Live in Terror", and from "The Divine Art of Torture" the black and wicked "Parasite Eve", a song dedicated to DGM, their new drummer's ex-band and "Flowers of Flesh and Blood" (whose title comes from a Hideshi Hino's Guinea-Pig cult-movie to be suggested to all those suffering with narcolepsy). What Necrophagia propose is not new but they were among the first to do it and still do it very well in an extreme but very involving way, thanks to the gory effected voices, the sinister keyboards lines and samples, the screams in the background, the simple cool crushing riffs between death, black, doom and a hyper amplified drumming which is only sometimes fast. I mean, looking at the encore with Killjoy without bone gloves and a cigarette in his mouth while headbanging, then offering it to the guitar player meant he felt at his whole ease. The rest of the band was more concentrated but liked to 'play' with a friend taking the show with a videocamera, masked like one from the Berzerker.
The return to Bologna, a city showing only trendy concerts, not like the exhaustive Milan, is like a travel on a freight train but it was worth.
Finally I wanna thank Kick Promotion's, Undertakers' and Ciaff's Enrico Giannone for organizing these 2 concerts. Italy desperately needs humble hard-working people like Enrico.