'Nachalo Daroghi'

(Musica Must Die Production)

MARK: 90/100


Russian Black metal powerhouse Nechist makes its comeback recording at the Primordial studio and this time Stellarghost and Hater have surpassed not only all that they recorded previously, but also many high-budget recordings, getting close to perfection.
The duty behind the microphone is assumed by Ragner, leaving drums to the talented and ultrarequested skinbeater Chudo. I was lucky to see this man live and I assure you his kickdrumming causes multiple 8.5 Richter scale quakes on Pluto! In this album he doesn't spare energy at all, either and you can appreciate how he brings the songs to another level, trust me!
From the symphonic opener you can realize this album is quite original right away, with vocals raw Black that you can either love or hate, no alternative. The lyrics are all sung in Russian and this increases the originality of the compositions, because this language perfectly suits to this genre; the second track shows heavily-compressed guitars using lots of power chords, slightly reminding of Old Man's Child, yet the drums are going to leave you battered and bruised. Amazing!
The third track is halfway between Death and Black, after a melodic mesmerizing intro; on this occasion the two guitarists recur to palm muting a lot, borrowed from Dimmu Borgir, who in turn borrowed it from Thrash; it's a lively track, less furious than the previous one, nevertheless not devoid of a couple of blastbeats before and after a symphonic structure with semi-acoustic guitars. The main riff simply cannot be forgotten and neither can the one in the fourth song, much closer to Black 'n' Roll, once again enriched by sprightly layers of Baroque keyboards and diverse kinds of vocals, one better than the other.
The tight fifth track also enjoys a Dimmu Borgir-like break, but what's recognizable is that the fast part is closer to Twilight Is Mine; probably this wasn't intentional, but it happened.
The sixth composition keeps a Thrashy feeling within the Black metal backbone, while it has to be stressed out the keyboards are more orchestral this time, almost sounding like horns. The drumming is more various here and the vocals satanize every listener.
The closing track sums angelic tunes and demonic vocals, showing us what expects us all after we'll exhale our last breath. Unbelievable!!!
Am I the only one playing the replay button obsessively?

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th October 2011

Current line-up:
Ragner - v. (ex-Melkor)
Chudo - d. (also in Horror God)
p - g.
Xaeger - k., v.
Barot - b.
Voland - g. (ex-Melkor)

Moscow - Russia
Official sites:

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-Начало дороги (CD - 2010)
-Сквозь тернии мрака (CD - 2011)