(Napalmed Rec.)


MARK: 89/100



Aaargh! What is this making my subwoofer using all of its muscles? Deafening and disturbing harsh industrial noise with rare interventions of distorted voices (not vocals, though), dissonant guitars, and mountains of hammering FX!

Just 2 trax recorded live ad-libbing for almost 72 minutes, of which the 2nd lasts almost 57, but it's also the more groovy, if you allow me this term.

During the 1st, "MBR not MSBR", sometimes it seems you're being drilled by a mad dentist, in others that a gas tube bursts in your face, or that you're being engulfed by a crumbling mine. Later it sounds like the mike's been set hanging on Etna's mouth, then inside a spaceship full of creatures like "Alien"'s trilogy, where there's a hole undertowing you towards the open space, to soon be brought to a NIN-like show in which guitars and mikes are broken galore; whereas "Never Mind the MSBR, here's the MBFR" (?) might make the sick mind of a necrophiliac serial killer, fan of "Matrix"'s futuristic environments mixed with the nuclear blasts of 200 suns, happy.

Sonic extremism has found a new dimension; I s'pose it's difficult to find out something more perverted, putrid and apocalyptical.

Definitely not for the narrow-minded or pussies. DO FEAR THE NAPALM!



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