Naked Blood DVD
'Director: Toshiyasu Sato', year 1996

(Japan Shock release)

Language: Jap with English subtitles

MARK: 95/100


A 17-year-old scientist creates a new kind of painkiller called 'My Son' and adds it to some anti-conceptionals behind his mother's back, a researcher. The result is tremendous, as the girls are turned into a state of irresistible impulse looking for pleasure when inflicting pain on themselves.
Great weird scenes, like when the boy kisses his mother with his tongue before running away on his bike or when his mom saw her husband disappear while walking (probably through a door temporarily connecting another dimension, which drew him into because of a sudden light), but mostly a masterpiece of splatter and masochistical scenes with ultra-realistic FX: my favourite is the one that made a girl faint at the cinema where 'Naked Blood' was being played, that is when she's on a table cutting her clit away with a pair of simple scissors and without any anaesthesia, then cutting a tit off and finally extracting her left eye-globe; she eats them all before a friend comes to help her, though too late.
The flick is more articulated than all the 'Guinea Pigs' ones, even if there's not a big difference compared to them, just less violence, reduced to when the boy is butchered without pleasure by a girl he loves, who unfortunately hates him and all mankind; he dies like a pig without having the time or strength to react and indeed he doesn't say a word! The first half an hour deceives you by being tranquil, and could belong to a normal horror movie, but the rest is stunning! Another great director from Japan of whom I must look for the rest of the filmography. That's so well spent money that you just can't repent...100% extreme and bloody with a touch of onirical Japanese tradition.