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MARK: 88/100


This Finnish duo born in 2007 are already at their 3rd full-length to deliver 9 heavier and darker new tracks, offering a unique mixture of Alternative rock, Grunge, Blues and Stoner/Doom metal.
The opener "Mammoth" catches the eye thanks to the great vocals, the steady guitar and the main riff; in the beginning you can hear a guitar sounding like a distorted bass distinctly (there's no bassist in the credits and one cannot hear any bass in the next songs, so it must be another guitar).
It's irrefutable the guitars, distorted or not, in the background with just a few licks or protagonists, play a major role in Mystons' music, but such songs as the slow "Mourning Sky" are brought to a high level by deep clean vocals; the Scandinavian culture has carved this song, and yes, although official geography, I know by experience I can include Finland within Scandinavia without hesitations when I listen to Winter mystic Hard rock like this. This song is graced by an excellent black and white video and moving lyrics where many of us can be mirrored to some degree.
Opposed is "Man in the Wheel", whose two guitars remind me of Kyuss and similar bands come out afterwards. Thumbs up for the striking speed-up!
With "CrusHer" the vocals are mainly mid-high and sleazy unlike the rest of the record, the rhythm is tighter and the refrain sloshes brains obsessively.
I'm not afraid of being belied if I claim "Like in A Tomb" is the best album's composition: how can you resist the charm of the dreaming vocals, or the top-notch job from the second undistorted guitar within a song so rich in highs and lows?
From the danceable "Dancing with Demons", a potential Gothic metal single we arrive at the shrill and raw "Death Pills", enriched by an on top finalé.
The foundations of "Princess of Dark" are an annihilating riff and guitar sounds, interrupted only by a whispered break and a superior axe solo. Now, that's sheer precious Stoner metal!
The closure is entrusted with "Gathering", mostly acoustic and containing hand percussions instead of classic drums. It's gloomy enough to make me think of Alice In Chains, but when the distorted guitar appears this impression quickly vanishes and people think of Traditional Doom and not Grunge anymore.
I adore this recording, since the kick drums are loud, the guitars and the vocals powerful; basically there's not much to complain about besides the lack of the lyrics in the booklet.
Why aren't these two brothers signed to a major label? A perfect Alternative rock/Stoner/Doom metal album.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th October 2011

Current line-up:
M Myston - g., v.
-Jay Myston - d.

Turku - Finland
Official site: http://www.mystons.com

Black Book (CD - 2008)
-Tearstained (Single - 2009)
-Alkaem (CD - Nov 4, 2010)
-3 (CD - Sep 2, 2011)