'Metal Slaves'

(Road Show Productions)


MARK: 94/100


The first band to be signed by Axe Killer is back with its 4th album in the sign of the most torrential and excellent Heavy Metal around these days!

After a bizarre intro with a didgeridoo, the hell-raising power metal of "Slave to Blood" starts, it's great and it also includes a quite nice guitar solo; "S.T.A.G.E." begins well with an entwining of keyboards and guitars, and later becomes uncontaminated heavy metal with acrobatic vocals by singer Nathalie.

I have 2 favourite songs in this CD: the 1st is "Dark Visions", a ballad that soon blazes before a winning bridge, featuring the best lyrics along with "S.T.A.G.E." and "Metal Dream" (a Utopian anthem for all metal world, but without dreams and desires we'd have no stimulus to live...); the other is "Angel", as you immediately realize it's a killer song, and even more when played live!

And how can somebody resist the spur of "Roller-coaster Ride", gifted with the highest vocals and the highest parts of the whole CD at the end of the song, and a dynamic time change too? Drummer Vince gives his best in the decadent and modern "Desolation" and especially in "Cry Out". And before that you'll encounter the good "Land of No Return" and afterwards a spoonful of topping power-thrash with "Silent Whisper (Bloody Bastard)", always with a strong and dirty recording, far better than in the previous records of course.

Fresh and traditional at the same time, skillful and heartfelt musicians. You just can't ask for more!


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