Brand New Demo

(3-track self produced demo-CD)


MARK: 90/100


Mystery Blue are not known to many people out of France, but they're all but amateurs not only because they've already released 3 records, of which the 1st dates back to 1984, being part of the scene for almost 2 decades supporting bands like Motorhead, Saxon, Def Leppard, Girlschool and - more recently - Rock Bitch, but also thanks to the high compositive and playing skills here proved once again.

"Dark Visions" opens and closes with a delicate part, to soon enter powerful, classic and obscure HM territories, enriched by a pleasing guitar solo and a desperate cry for the impending extinction of the planet as we know now.

Not too far from some things from Judas Priest is the scratching and dynamic metal of "Roller Coaster Ride", emphasizing Nathalie's beautiful, clean, strong and high timbre, besides the complete indifference towards current trends ruling music biz nowadays. Time actually seems to have stopped back in the '80's for the Transalpine 4-piece and I've to admit this doesn't displease me at all! The recording, very good so far, considering it deals with a demo-CD, displays a plain mistake in the mixing of the 2nd track at a certain point, though apart from this, the rest is all professional enough; as a matter of fact it's been recorded at Pirmasens' s Jam Music German studio (Vanden Plas, Ian Parry, Andre Matos, etc.).

In the end, "Angel" proves to be a rough heavy rock track, sustained by a muscular rhythmic section, structures early Iron Maiden- and Saxon-like, and an anthem that immediately sticks to the mind indelibly; this composition is destined to get a classical hit for their live shows.

So now I just wanna wait for their come-back on a decent label; even though the golden age for classic metal is over prob'ly forever, I believe that through perseverance Mystery Blue will be able to cut out a little place in metalheads' hearts for them. These guys can beget interesting products if the next budgets will be up to their ability. Keep an eye on them!


-Mystery Blue (Axe Killer - 84)
-Circle of Shame (Dream rec. - 86)
-Spirit of Your Song (Road Show Prod. - 98)
-Brand New Demo (self produced - 002)

c/o F. Philippon - 158, rue Hubel
67590 Ohlungen - France
Tel/Fax: +33 (0)3 88 36 33 71