'Majestas Leprosus'


MARK: 85/100


A rather rich demo-disco-graphy characterizes Meyhna'ch's band's history, still immersed in the sickest and dirtiest meanders of the true malicious Black Metal after the first years in line with the Norwegian scene products. Here you'll find glacial and merciless black metal from a one-man band using a drum machine, as shown in "Tormenting my Nights", including a good refrain, followed by the minimal "Destroy your Life for Satan", featuring an ominous break before the assault with double vocals; really a well-chosen try!I think we also have to stress out the potentialities inside "Beyond the Decay of Time and Flies", enriched by an original riff and the most extreme vocals of the record; very elaborated, it's definitely the most representative and compete track of the 9, without forgetting "If Those Walls could Speak" - wicked and frozen vocals dominate here too. The sound is not that good not only because a rough sound was chosen but also cuz I was sent a CDr, but the morbid feeling is not lost at all. Recommended!