Moscow Funeral League fest vol. 1 featuring
tkrovenie Dosjde+
Who Dies In Siberian Slush+
Abstract Spirit

Under The Ground Repetizionny konzertny
komplex - 03/09/2011
Organized by Abstract Spirit and others

MARK: 78/100



First time I've been to Butirskaya Ulitza and first time I've seen these bands live for a concert that was recorded and streamed on
About 150 people, mostly fans and people in the music business - press, labels, distros and other musicians - along with a handful of curious new folks, surround me when Otkrovenje Dosjde open (sorry for the rough adaptation to a Latin alphabet based on the prounciation), and the first dose of Doom promised by this festival starts; actually the act deals with Doom/Death providing for the use of keyboards and two guitars; unfortunately the good acoustics isn't a characteristic of this venue and this doesn't help me enjoy the concert at its fullest, but I appreciated the vocal contrast between one screaming vocalist also recurring to clean vocals and the second man behind the mike choosing a Death metal style.
The following band, Who Dies In Siberian Slush plays a scholastic but pleasant Doom concoction, regardless the scene presence which needs improving. I was told this was their first show with their new drummer, so on one hand the high amount of mistakes is understandable, but on the other I lost the concentration in some parts of the show as I was distracted by Abstract Spirit's singer's bewitching and dangerous wife causing me a hard-on, which means the final number was greater for sure.
No time for soundcheck and the headliners take the stage over by "Beyond the Limits at Closed Eyelids"; majestic and gigantic riffs show a band in a good shape, with penetrating keyboards pointedly conforming my early impression.
"Without Me...Dead Tomorrow" is nothing less than a caterpillar, in which raw and wicked keyboards lines stand out together with additional witch-like vocals whereas "Face the Nightmare" sees sick piercing vocals rule. The vocalist is a real demon and the next 3 tracks ("Ruined", the title track of their latest album and "Kiss the Emptiness") testify the excellent state of grace of his, never giving up in power or quality till the end of the show.
The cons of this event consisted in the poor sound quality, notably as for the boomy guitar sounds at the bottom end and the decision of keeping the strong lights on during the whole concert, ruining the funeral rite atmosphere. This was a Rock concert, not a political campaign talk show or the Big Brother, for fuck's sake! Anyway, if you've never experienced an Abstract Spirit live performance, I recommend you go see them on your first occasion, as it's a sheer cathartic occurrence!