'Cell XIII'

(Worm Hole Death productions)

MARK: 89/100

Let's put down the welcome mat for one of the most interesting releases from the Tuscanian recently-constituted label.
Fast Death including a few Thrash elements, based on
permanent female brutal vocals and occasional brutal back-up male vocals.

The opener "MTBF" starts with female cries, a demonic voice and soon after it becomes ferocious; quite pleasant is the granitic break slowing down, followed by several diverse techniques of blast beats. Time's come for my favourite song, "Project Kill", reinforced by additional electro beats, while "2012" immediately begins in a crushing way; this song has itself appreciated also owing to some hyper-guttural vocals.
Unlike the track list, the fast and mid-tempo-alternated "I Shall Remain Unforgiven" (featuring Cadaveria as a guest) comes now and it sounds like a nightmarish witch gathering; there are really several styles of Extreme metal vocals and a perverted slapped bass solo, but also the drumming results awesome; therefore in the 5th position is "Process of Mental Killings", more distinct from the other ones: the guitar plot uses the whole range of the scales, there are a few slowdowns and the closure reminds of Kataklysm, this says it all! Fucking killer!
The twisted "Divinity", alternates modern Thrashy riffage and Death structures; the refrain is catchy, epic, yet corrosive at the same time, and the guys go down even heavier with a Cannibal Corpse-like blastbeat, quickly making way for a top-notch guitar solo.
With a title like "Inhuman Torture Surgery" a composition can't be but Cannibal Corpse again and Death/Thrash later, but surprisingly the refrain is groovy; notwithstanding the palm of most brutal track goes to "Trespass and Kill" music-wise, where the Milanese insert interesting guitar plots and drum patterns when it doesn't deal with a blastbeat; the final riffs are gigantically heavy and the drumming isn't less.
"Death Business" is another boulder, choosing Thrashy sounds for the drumkit one more time, while slapped bass lines are added to the recipe, but what most strikes your mind is the craziest vocals of the record whatever range you take into consideration.

This record is bound to fish fans from those who appreciate Necrodeath, Cadaveria, the later Sinister and so forth, also thanks to a fine recording, dry, not too polished but very powerful; the band recorded in two different studios and then entrusted the trustworthy Finnvox as for the mastering and that gets proven not only by the bass clearly audible in crowded structures but also by the guitar and drum sounds, strongly linked to the early 90s Death/Grind scene.
Besides a few drum patterns repeated and one not irresistible riff in "Divinity" which might explain why one guitar player and the drummer left the band immediately after the studio duties, there aren't showy faults at all, but an experienced ear can distinguish them; it's totally comprehensible on a debut album and I don't really mean to twist the knife, so I just hope they'll be taken as a lesson of self-improvement now that new lymph has been pumped into the veins of the 5-piece.
However, nobody can discuss Mechanical God Creation is a professional act fighting to establish its identity. I have to admit I needed multiple listens in 3 days for "Cell XIII", and yes, it is not so easy to assimilate but when you're into that, it's guaranteed to give you amazing emotions; so take your time but trust me when I say it's no monkey business!


Line-up on this record:
Lucy - v. (also in Art Of Mutilation, The Anger)
Veon - b.
Simo - g. and v.
Jay - d. (also in Lacus Mortis)
Runza - g.

Milan - Italy

Official sites:


-...and the Battle Becomes War (demo CD - 2007)
- Cell XIII (CD - 2010)