(Altri Suoni)

MARK: 82/100


In driblets Switzerland too supplies the scene with new bands, even if to be precise these 4 musicians all come from Italy. A mixture of Punk rock and cutting Electronica constitutes the 13 tracks of their debut-CD, which is at the same time the first official release of the Swiss label. Don't expect other than harsh programming and scratching, Trip hop breaks, a guitar, a bass and acid vocals by two different singers with the sole intention of creating a melange not far from what previously proposed by Atari Teenage Riot, Melt Banana and Zenigeva.

The record unwinds between fiery and rapid songs such as "Wrong Working World", "Envy" (one of the best), "Tetsuo", or other more curbed yet twisted in the vein of White Zombie meets No Means No: "Swamp Life", "Make My Day", and "Fast down", song with extrasolid bass lines and beats, and well-guessed vocals identical to Marylin Manson's, obtaining as a result a composition not too distant from T-Ride's songbook.
Smoothly the CD touches the apex with the creeping, electric and danceable "Made of Nothing", "Democracy", perfect marriages of the Italian band's souls, clever at the usage of cutting riffs, persistant and frequent beats, as well in the vocal manipulation, and finally "Pirrus", Electro/Nu metal and Nailbomb having an orgy.
Although I repute good to experiment and vary, Matamachete must absolutely avoid repeating gross mistakes like "Twisted", a piece including Trip hop, a bit of Raggae and nigger mama-like vocals, ruining and defiling the concept and the attitude of the rest of the platter, surely not so joyful, on the contrary angry and bloody just as the artwork.
The track list is completed by "Unreachable", electronic madness turned to art, "Wrong Place", a strange track that seems recorded by Alec Empire while trying to rap!, and "L'ultimo suono che si sente", only song in Italian, very catchy and simple, though not foreseeable.

With the exception of the above-mentioned composition which has nothing to do with the remaining ones, I suggest the more open-minded among you to get informed about the band and look at least for this record. The 4 guys have left the label in the meantime and are hunting a new deal. All we can do is hope to hear new material, possibly up to the one contained in this eponymous debut and not a band's split. What they've been doing so far is not only derivative; it shows an act with attention-worthy ideas and excellent performers we were proud to spread.


Line-up on this record:
-Cesare, v.
-Mao, g., programming
-Stefano, v.
-Ivo, b.

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Matamachete (CD - 2005)