Feel like that while booking a hasty stretch in a studio for the mastering of your next album?
Now you don't need it anymore...
If you are searching for a professional mastering studio with honest prices and don't want to travel, we got what's right for you!

Step 1:
compare our prices with the rest of pro studios; ask for more info at our usual e-mail address.
Step 2: after choosing us, let us know in detail what kind of mastering you need, the sounds you want to emphasize, etc.
Step 3: send us your CD including all your mixed tracks;
Step 4: safely pay for our work by bank transfer;
Step 5: listen to one of your tracks mastered downloadable from our website and let us know if you want to change something before the complete mastering;
Step 6: receive your mastered CD in about 2 weeks after payment receival (by courier or - less adviced - post).

Listen to a couple of examples before and after our mastering:

A) Nuclear Death - Greenflies
Nuclear Death - Greenflies
(mastered @ Roving Maverick Betterment studios)

B) Sigma Draconis - Bloody Deeds
Sigma Draconis - Bloody Deeds
(mastered @ Roving Maverick Betterment studios)

C) Obituary - Chopped in half (official CD version)
Obituary - Chopped in half (mastered
@ Roving Maverick Betterment studios)

D) Suffocation - Epitaph of the credulous (official CD version)
Suffocation - Epitaph of the credulous (mastered
@ Roving Maverick Betterment studios)

E) Blodtru_Sol is dead (official CD version)
Blodtru_Sol is dead (mastered @ Roving Maverick Betterment studios)


Finnvox or any other European or north American studio, minimum 25 Euros an hour = about 800 Euros
RMB studios: 15 Euros for each song (shorter than 10 minutes) x 10 songs = 150 Euros! But the quality remains the same...


Our brand-new RMB studios are equipped with the best rank of softwares currently available for mastering solutions. Make the differences hearable! That's what we do.

Markus Ganzherrlich - founder and manager