'Self released metal compilation vol. 2'

(Self-released double CD)

MARK: 93/100


This anthology was created to promote underground Greek bands with their best material and this second chapter is composed by two CDs for a total of about 2 hours.

Revolted Masses start hostilities through Thrash/Death with Sepultura-like vocals, groovy breaks and a cool guitar solo.
Trigger play aggressive Alternative metal where the bass's pulsations constitute the backbone of the song. The vocals are screams or evocative and there're several semi-melodic parts making the song various and interesting.
NeverEndingPain play a fairly long track of slow and semi-melodic Thrash/Death metal. The two guitarists know how to walk two different paths and when to attack axe in axe, while the vocals are unclean but absolutely not guttural, close to Mille Petrozza or other similar scratching Thrash metal singers. A real masterpiece included in this compilation.
Normah face Heavy Power with amazing female vocals and classic Speed fugues.
Fadom rip asses by killer Thrash riffs and a powerful rhythmic section.
Sidereal deliver a tough portion of brutal Death/Black metal.
Underworld Dreams have fun with Electro metal with melodic vocals and a surprising Death metal break, but the clean vocals are a bit gay.
New World Disorder deal with modern Thrash metal where angry vocals contrast with clean ones.
Like the title suggests, Bio-Cancer are here just to supply us with a lethal acid dose of ear-piercing Thrash. Thumbs up, guys! Destroy it all!
Typhon's crushing riffs and vocals are balanced by atmospheric lines of keyboards, but their Death metal is precise and implacable. Even here there're a few clean vocals, so it seems the red line connecting a good deal of bands here is the vocal and/or musical contrast.
Brain Scorcher are pretty diverse from the rest: yes, they have some Death metal parts but they also have clean parts belonging to Epic metal and some vocals end up with reaching very high tones. Another act to keep your eyes on and add to the shopping list.
Corrupt The Masses close with over 8 minutes of original Metal, sometimes skimming Death metal, sometimes traditional Metal and sometimes Black metal, depending on the vocals and the riffs. The acoustic riffs and the 4 different vocal styles add value to the song, whereas the twisted bass makes me like the song even more. Good job.

Wings In Motion is the first band here included to deal with Progressive metal; the music isn't bad at all, nevertheless the lion's share is the vocals, when elegant and also when scratching and powerful.
Postraumatic start acoustic and gradually turn distorted recurring to graceless suffering vocals. The arranging includes knives or chains additional noises, frantic drums and a simple decent axe solo.
Far more incisive, Apotaxis seem at ease with their Pantera- and Machine Head-influenced Thrash which turns to Death metal on a couple of occasions and also recurs to whispered vocals during a middle Jazzy break. A band in a good shape with a versatile vocalist that just needs more originality in the songwriting to achieve perfection.
Homo Sapiens looks like having just one mission: run everybody over with their old-style Thrash metal halfway between early Testament and the first-album Anthrax. Ama-fucking-mazing guitar solos before the final sonic assault!
Born Dead are decidedly one of the best bands featured on this CD, busy offering Technical Death metal reminding early Death guitar-wise, whereas the vocals are different than Schuldiner's (just because the singers' voices have diverse timbres).
Paradigm Shift bet on a superdirty sound to spice their Metal, including extreme and clean vocals at the same time or alternated, sometimes skimming Phil Anselmo's. There's a slight hint of keyboards to make the song a bit more modern, and the guitar soloist is another professional participating in this compilation.
Sarcastic Obedience flows fast but not forgotten through its brutal Thrash graced by cool bass lines.
Exarsis start calmly, and then choose an approach so dear to D.R.I., Cryptic Slaughter and the likes.
Bloody Donation play modern Death metal with the addition of a Hardcore riff; the song changes at a certain point detouring by the means of unusual riffs and drumming.
Risabov (no mistake, just written like that) offer a long piece of Death metal mixed with other styles, where the sounds are professional. The guitarist has a large background because he inserts riffs, breaks, licks and acoustic structures not belonging to Death metal in order to make the recipe unexpected; the solo shows he has vast imagination and therefore likes to walk on virgin paths.
Almost 7 minutes of time allowed to Crime Sin, an act trying to have success with modern Metal; this song is a rollercoaster of emotions and changes tunes as well as riffs and vocals so many times that it shouldn't be too easy to play it live. Profound intereste towards these musicians I didn't know earlier.
An arpeggio opens the closing track by Unholy Rain; there's something similar to Winters Bane in the low and high-pitched vocals following later, but that's not a problem at all. The music can be categorized within Heavy and Power metal; it doesn't make me pull my hair away but it's got dignity and class, or more simply put: it's good but not jaw-dropping.

A positive initiative that deserves to be prized with every metal lover's interest when it exists a genuine feeling of discovering new talents or new material from bands they already know.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th October 2011

Athens - Greece
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