(Osmose Productions)


MARK: 90/100


Cyber Metal bands' records are something I crave for but that I hardly ever happen to listen to; luckily Osmose has got an incredible flair, so Malmonde really is one of those top-notch bands you can't absolutely do without, either you like extreme metal or electronic music.

The eclectism of the band is shown by the vocalist first of all, since he can remind you the most inspired Rammstein for a second ("C-mal"), though he's also very experienced in modulating his voice in a guttural way, as aggressively as a song requires, or simply clear and dreaming; this is effectively proved in "Save your Soul" and in the excellent "The Third Wish", in which sharp guitars are perfectly matched with melodic keyboard parts and massive techno-electro sequences, like in the most electronic Fear Factory; please forget Generator 9 or Void of Silence, Malmonde can more properly be put closer to, for instance, ex-black metal Manes (their lovers will drool for the French electrometal 4-piece!), or the unattainable Anger, who sound more violent and dynamic, but the French boast a better recording and the usage of their mother-tongue, which makes the whole unique and pretty interesting in any case; if you prefer, the comparison could be that Anger turn out to be more death metal and groovy, while Malmonde act more mechanically, and they have less recourse to their permanent drummer Christophe; the French released a debut album with only the services of a drum machine, which I haven't listened to, nevertheless I like it best when there's a mix of human drums and drum machines. In my view it's also a positive note that Malmonde have been able to develop an own style and what's better is that they don't sound boring for one single second of the 8 tracks!

If you're curious about the future of metal, then you can have a taste of it in records like this.