'Mallory Switch'

(Black Nutria Records)

MARK: 91/100

Coolest! The new material from Turin's combo perfectly mirrors the slogan on their website: ...sensual and corrosive sound for restless ears and minds. Going into detail, the act deals with female-fronted modern Rock fused with Electronica. In each track you will find several appropriate insertions made of assorted effects, deriving from a workstation or a sampler. What makes the difference with many other bands is a great deal of factors: excellent vocal style by female vocalist Audrey, strongly debtor to the US school, effective songwriting, memorizable and catchy but never boring, diluted or foreseeable. Everything in Mallory Switch millimetrically fits, from the tiniest effect to the shortest guitar nuance, and a good pie of this merit probably goes to recorder and mixerist Marco Trentecoste, undoubtely a real professional; another important aspect is the musicians' certainty: when you listen to them you can at once perceive nothing is random and also they have absolut clarity in their minds. This translates into songs that go to your mind and soul straightforwardly. Although the Italian artists formed this band not many years ago, they already have enviable self-confidence, therefore they don't need any tricks or second-hand solutions to hide faults. Yes, their style is still evolving but it is already personal enough so that if there are similarities with some band they are light and unintentional rather than marked and intentional but belied in public the way it often occurs nowadays.

The opener "Hypocrisymn", also re-shown in a convulsive shoot for envy and revenge clip here, adds points to the cause thanks to a revelation in lyrics concerning most human relationships; it is an important warning: watch your shoulders even from your friends because they might stab your back as well or even more than strangers if they are fake. I appreciate these words as I was often in this situation and I still will, that's where my well-known scarce trust in mankind comes from. Oscar Wilde himself is also remembered for this aphorism: "True friends stab you in the front". The conclusion is that to live is to ever be in danger...
I am given multiple orgasms everytime I listen to "My Big Sin": Electronic Rock with drawing vocals that would resuscitate a dead man a couple of times sided by threatening robotic vocals. Practically perfect: did you guys make a pact with the Devil or is this mere talent?
Enjoy the beats of "No Evil", disentangling itself through Blondie, Garbage, L7, the Nymphs and Marylin Manson, endowed with irresistible vocals, especially the choruses, and concluded by creepy guitar licks.
With a mid-tempo that is typical for the 5-piece, "Tempter" enwraps you and tightens its grip until you exhale your very last breath during a session of erotic asphyxiation. Unfortunately, you trusted the wrong partner, they didn't save your sorry ass and now you're food for hogs. This song is so fucking mean and cruel, yet it also contains a mysterious feel that won't leave you till the end.

Sometimes it seems so easy to do what they did but it's not at all. I have heard so many local failures pushed up by mindless critics, so many worthless bands praised, that I am still surprised that the quintet hails from Italy. This is not the best period for newcomers as we are all aware of the negative business cycle within the music market. Records like this mini-CD are white flies, following no trend, no norm and stubbornly trying to discover new musical veins by their instinct and inspiration. To call them heroes would be exaggerated, to call them brave explorers of inner regions of cybernetic Rock is nothing but the truth.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 2nd October 2007

Line-up on this record:
Audrey Lynch, v.
Kid Lynch, d.
Nick Santoro, electronica
Erik Goldbaum, g.
Alec Dreiser, b.

Mallory Management, Barbara Giovinazzo; - Italy
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Mallory Switch (Mini-CD - 2007)