(Cudgel Agency)

MARK: 85/100


3rd pro recorded and well played CD for this ex-East Germany band. After an evocative intro is the only song together with "Soul Amputation" without the lyrics included in the booklet ( what a pity! ), "Merciless Killing", aggressive and containing good old school death metal breaks, while at once after we have the 'Harmony Corruption' period-Napalm Death/early Dying Fetus oriented "Putrid Autopsy", a real masterpiece with wonderful guitar/drum rides. Excellent the hammering "Horrible Creation", followed by the fast cudgel blow "Written in Blood" ( not casually the most played track of the week in my radioshow ). For the a.m. "Soul Amputation" and "Human Downfall" it's valid the same speech made for "Putrid Autopsy", which is that they're fraught with old and new roaring moshed death metal riffs inciting human piles of frantic people, among which I'd also dive, even though I'm not so accustomed to doing that anymore. "Morbid Dreams" and the title-track - the latter finely arranged - display ultraguttural vocal attacks I'd not heard since Internal Bleeding's 'Extinction of Benevolence' good ol' times, just to fade into an outro, connected to the intro, but much more detailed and of longer duration. Damn well album with easy yet quite effective drum structures and all the rest one can search in a cool European death metal combo. If they are able to turn a bit more personal next time, they gonna vie with the 'major league' genre bands.


-Apathetic Faces (Demo - 92)
-Funeral Sermon (Galdre rec. - 95)
-Promotape (96)
-Reborn (Trauma rec. - 00)
-Split EP with Skinless (Cudgel - 01)
-Bloodshed (Cudgel - 17/09/ 01)

Maledictive Pigs' line-up: Daniel (drums) - Henri (vocals) - Ronny (bass) - Jan (guitars).