Gods of war'

(Self released)

MARK: 78/100


This Polish band debuts with 7 songs that sometimes remind some popular riffs, while on other occasions they simply deliver an unheard new brand of Metal; the latter is such a positive piece of news that the above-cited fault becomes very tiny in the end.
M.o.s.s.a.D. mostly play a sort of Metal which isn't traditional, yet at the same time not modern either, and that's due to their detachment from every school and branch of Metal.
The 4-piece opens with "Soul", one of the 2 songs out of 7 sung in Polish; of course the singer sounds smoother in his mothertongue, but the choice of English is dictated by the fact they also aim to apply abroad, and it can be stated the result is more than acceptable.
The opener shows the combo's music is steadily based upon the guitar and several clean vocals, often overdubbed in a threatening manner. The clean vocals vary from evocative and declamatory, trying not to copy anybody.
"Wake up" is the catchiest track, endowed with epic vocals alternated with other battlefield hateful ones.
Reminescences of Iron Maiden are fished at the beginning of "Terrorized", the only composition later containing a Thrashy chorus and modern elements; the drums are tighter here and there's also a fine guitar solo, still the orgasm is caused by the hypnotizing refrain, which is worth the CD purchase. If you wish to fly, this song is right for the purpose!
The title track rips from Kirk Hammett's early songbook and afterwards gets close to System Of A Down vocal-wise; the rest of the structure is fairly original on the contrary and shows the most spiteful lyrics of the record. Excellent break and mid-tempo at the end are the icy on the cake.
"Dream" is an interesting short Thrash metal song in their local language, whereas the exuberant and fully-bonded "Flames" will melt faces during the headbanging and the early-Sepultura passages. The ending is abrupt and is a part of their songwriting, rich in raw solutions.
My second favourite composition, "Lies", contains great main heroic vocals and almost spectral background ones and the axe solo makes you think you're invited to a party; and by now you must've learned that when the 4 Poles are inspired there ain't no party like a M.o.s.s.a.D. party!
The sounds aren't that bad, but you can hear they're low-fi, especially concerning the hi-hat, a few toms and some not too powerful
guitar sounds. There's a handful of slight mixing flaws, notwithstanding the qualities inside "Gods of War" overcome them and are destined to make the 7 tracks stick in your heads.
This album turns out to be a surprise, but a good fucking one!


Current line-up:
Thorgal - g., v.
Vvarg - g.
Domin - b.
Gustaf - d.

Poznan - Poland
Official site: http://www.myspace.com/mossadpl

-Demo (2008)
-Gods of War (self-released CD - 2011)