'Magnus Dominus Corpus'

(Sudden Death records)

MARK: 75/100


In a time in which Bad Religion hang out with Britney Spears, Pink and Rancid help each others' careers, there's a tremendous need for provoking albums like "Magnus Dominus Corpus" ("Corpses of the ultimate dominators"), whose real title is internally called "Millions of Dead Contractors".
Tight raw anarcho-Punk, sometimes veined with Hardcore, soaked with lyrics against or deriding new targets such as G.W., George Washington, Donald Rumsfeld, Hollywood stars, poseur punks; or also old enemies (Nazis, girls so despisable that make many queers, Western way of life devoted to capitalism oblivious to spirituality and relations, and so forth); or more: lyrics about bullying heads, colleagues, neighbors, passers by, quarter bosses, limitless and mindless pollution by all nations killing thousands continuously, leading to extinction several animal species faster and faster, if not even mercilessly hunted down by folks vilely hiding behind excuses like research, containment of the species, or indigenous traditions. Of course the main issue couldn't be omitted this time either, therefore we got "Let's Kill All the Cops" and "No More Cops".

The seventh full-length by Million Dead Cops (the acronym assumed different meanings thru the years, More Dead Cops, Millions of Damn Christians, Millions of Dead Children, Missile Destroyed Civilization, Metal Devil Cokes and Multi-Death Corporations), produced by Don Fury, doesn't change a single word what expressed in the previous works, so the influences and likenesses remain Big Boys, Blak Flag, Circle Jerks, D.O.A., Dead Kennedys, the Dicks, the Dwarves, Minor Threat, the first Offenders' singles, while No Fraud resemblences are audible in "Let's Kill All the Cops", as well as to Negazione and Kina ("Prime Evil"), and even No Means No (partially in "Walking on Thin Ice").
The songs are glued one to another in order to elevate the impact of the assault, whereas a fair balance between British school Punk as well as the New York one that are portrayed song by song is guaranteed throughout all the album; this way the eighteen tracks do not overweight nor bore after a few listens. By the way, there's also place for a tribute to the incorruptible godfather of Punk ("Timmy Yo") and a mordant ballad, "Ballad of G.W.".

The only shame resides in the Texan commie quartet's scarce skill. obviously no-one's so ingenuous to ask for that from a Punk band, but in "Prick Faced Bastard" it is them who try to insert a guitar and a drum solo with awful results: the two musicians go at different speeds and don't match each other very well; and please don't come tell me that this was a desired effect, because not even a child would believe that; it's just a bad session that they should have re-recorded till achieving a better take. Besides this, the remaining compositions are destined to remain relevant for a great deal of years to come at the same time without making older scene fans unsatisfied. Today's main message is yet important and must be appreciated no matter what your political views are: open your eyes to the millions of lies that are told us everyday to justify more and more injustices by the establishment!...

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th September 2005

Line-up on this record:
David Dictor, all v.
Michael Donaldson, b.
Mike Pride, d. and percussions
X-con Ron, g.

M.D.C. c/o: P.O. Box 142, Glen Cove 11542, NY - USA
Official site:

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