Lunatic Gods
The Wilderness

(Shindy Prod.)


MARK: 100/100



The new album of Slovak leaders of atmospheric and technical death/doom/black//art metal features 2 singers and an extraordinary ability in writing and arranging songs already from the beginning ("Curse").

Great melodic guitars paired with brutal vocals, and a sitar giving a touch of sadness to all the environment ("Tormenting World"), come before the superb vocals and riffs in "Fallen Beauty"; add a guitar solo in the best of taste, and you won't certainly be surprised why I feel a thrill along my spine everytime I listen to this song, an immortal song, I swear it!

"Doomsday" opens in an epical manner, we could say soundtrack-like, and quickly becomes an old death metal onslaught with another 2 majestic 6-string solos, splendid riffs, and a final with memorable keyboards upon a mighty rhythmic section.

"Battlefield of Life" contains the same above mentioned elements, and it yet attracts notice by means of really well chosen lyrics, precious keyboard lines, and another unforgettable solo.

I'm not afraid of talking nonsense if I assert that the instrumental "Dance of Salome", embellished by agonizing violinsm might enthrone Lunatic Gods where the mourned My Dying Bride used to be, and Lunatic Gods can offer more, that is an extremely prepared guitar picker/mastermind, Hirax, the ace in their sleeves.

After the heavy blow "Stone" we meet "Mystic Way", a composition that literally teaches to mix aggressive and recitative vocals; a little gothic, displaying another lyrics I totally agree with, proof of sensitiveness and acuteness about the true vision of life.

Finally, "The Wilderness " is a song splitted in 3 tracks, of which 2 instrumental ones; everything is among veiled melancholy, relinquishment, enslavement, solitude, war and, eternal, mortal, unanswered questions about life and death. But it's also one of the most important records of the last 3 years, which is also destined to remain fresh for decades.

Intelligent artwork, professional recording and mixing are the icy on the cake. Quite a rare record nowadays because it is at the same time unusual, truly heart-felt and based on a lack interest in any trend. Deep praise to Shindy Productions for their far-sightedness in signing this courageous act.
Yes, Lunatic Gods are much more than performers; they're poets, musical painters, diggers of emotions we thought lost forever in the greyness of these days.