Asmund Fregdegjævar

(self released promo)


MARK: 97/100


This astonishing act hailing from the wonderful town of Trøndheim sent us this promising 4-track CD based on an old folk tale from the region of Telemark, whose comprehensive text comprises of 40 stanzas including elements of a traditional Norwegian fairy-tale: an abducted princess, bold men, trolls galore, a happy end with gold and love.

Tha fact that Lumsk are formed by 7 members from 21 to 35, also including, besides the common instruments, a synth, violin, 2 guitars and a session female singer (by the way I'm looking for a wife or girlfriend; if she's as beautiful as her voice, she must be mine forever!!! Give her my data, we were born to live together...), and lyrics rigorously sung in Norse, naturally makes you understand how right they are when stating they're proud of their unique and manifold style, gathering songs from sad folk moments to larger parts of dark Scandinavian metal.

"Ormin lange" starts with an epic true Viking prologue by actor Stian Hovland Pedersen at the Trøndelag Theatre and is at the same time the composition endowed with the best riffs, whilst "Kampen mot bergetrolli" might be described by somebody as a mix between the latest Enslaved and the most bewitching and pining My Dying Bride, but I'll say the band as well has a more elegant and cinemascopic sound to offer.

An incredibly crushing, every-instrument-balanced and very clear 3-D sound renders this promo still more appealing, fresh and involves you to listen to it back from the beginning again and again. At this point, we have to stress out the importance of Frifond Musikk, whose initiative helped the financing of the recording (such a thing has NEVER happened in this big shit I can't leave called Italy, death to Italy as we know it!).

Ladies & gentlemen, "Asmund Fregdegjævar" is nothing but a masterpiece of gloom, melancholy, Viking atmosphere and lots of originality; I'm sure this just signed band won't disappoint us when they'll have to record more songs for a full length CD. In the meantime contact'em before Lumsk run out of promos.


Postboks 2549
7414 Trondheim - Norway

Mob: 92282579