Lost Soul

Übermensch (Death of God)

(Osmose Prod.)


MARK: 83/100


One of the oldest and most unpitying Polish bands are these heavyweights attempting to undermine Vader from their throne. After a necessary intro, "No Salvation" shows the qaurtet to be on the trail of the most violent Morbid Angel as to riffs, guitar solos, drumming and even sounds, along with the adding of occasional black vocals. "Beast Rising" is more symphonic thanks to the intervention of nice keyboard lines.

A praise has to be given to the lead guitarist, able of rapid hysterical solos, typical for a death metal band, but also a fairly cool heavy metal one in "Soul Hunger", without making the tension decrease. "Lords of Endeavours" presents some unusual riffs, while "Adoration of Violet" is the fiercest track, ending in a Cradle of Filth style; a unique blend of death and black metal comes out from the notes of "The One You Seek".

No-one can hide the strong influence that Morbid Angel have on Lost Soul, the way it was for Vader and many other bands in the beginning, but if they're a copy, then we're in front of an excellent one! The Poles have exploited only the 60% of their potentialities, so I think that Yattering and Decapitated are already being spurred by these high-quality competitors who had the privilege of debuting on the almighty Relapse records.