Almost Human'

(Self released)

MARK: 78/100


Debut CD for the Modenese six-piece, arraying two vocalists, one for the aggressive ones and another for the clean ones (alien, declamatory or recitative). It deals with Modern metal, most of the time based upon electro beats and classic percussions for a band of this genre; there're plenty of vocal effects, synths and orchestrations, so it turns out to be a quite complex battery of tracks.
"Nameless" is a straight attack but doesn't strike my attention, whereas "Gender 3000" boasts a great entwining between vocals, tight drumwork, riffs and keys. Boy, don't I love this song!
"Monad 61" differrenciates from the other tracks because of the vocals and for a less massive use of effects. Unbelievable refrain, I have spine thrills everytime I listen to that. Check this song out before all the rest if you wanna taste the pinnacle of 2011 Modern metal songwriting!
Robotic, frantic and embellished by superfast double kick drumming on the trail of The Berzerker, crushing riffing, "Unfilled" is followed by "Degenerate/Regenerate", a piece whose refrain is the ace in the sleeves once again. Another song equalling to a screwfest!
"Self-extinction" makes a faux pas, since some vocals achieve elevate levels of queerness, while the rest of the song isn't too bad.
The reason why I have "Collapse" loud and clear in my mind is not only because it contains the only axe solo of the record, which is indeed cool, but most of all because of some vocal lines and also some additional vocals.
The closure, "Facing Eternity", adds Prog metal to the Modern metal recipe with decidedly positive results and makes me think about the fact this is the first band who's hired an outer team to write his stuff, which is also the producer and sound engineer behind the Italian act's first offering.
The songs contain different elements but they all plainly have a common thread: this usually happens when they're composed by the same people. This brings homogeneity, but it may also lead to a few mistakes if the songwriting and the arrangements aren't discussed and analyzed by the band properly: the first one is the cheesy above-mentioned song and the second is a lack of originality and personality that could turn some listeners down. If Logical Terror can develop a proper composition, then they will be able to raise the bar a tad more. It will be even more satisfactory to interpret one's own material but as a first effort, we can't complain too much.
A further plus comes from the lyrics: anguishing, social and or introspective, they're well-written for sure.
This band might open for bands such as NIN, Linkin Park, Fear Factory, In Flames, Sepultura, Nailbomb, The Berzerker, Mars Volta and the likes.
So if you're a fan of NIN and LInkin Park for their utilization of effects, if you like drums alà Fear Factory, the songwriting by Nailbomb and latest In Flames, some vocals of mid-career Sepultura and so on, don't hesitate to get hold of "Almost Human". All the others need preventive listens before the purchase, of course.
As for me, the sextet is one of Italy's most intriguing outfits. Do I believe they hit the nail square this time? No, but they did get very close to that.


Current line-up:
D.D.L. - d.
Emi - v.
Ash - g.
Lizard - g.
Sic - v.
Sid - b.

Mirandola (MO) - I
Official site: http://www.logicalterror.com

-Almost Human (self-released CD - 2011)