'Still Standing'

(TLA Holdings records)

MARK: 77/100


Canada's never been generous as to Heavy Rock bands or bands hovering between Metal and Rock.
The Last Act land at their third studio full-length and they seem to be one of the hopes of the new wave, able to make a difference and ain at the Metal/Rock big league.
Although the pro mastering
, the recording is self-made and low budget and this is one of the first improvable aspects, considering the vocals need more presence and the instruments more clarity and definition.
As to the most important side of "Still Standing", it has to be said that their music (as well as their look and the artwork) owes a lot to the 80s, ending up with creating a blend of Dramatic, Dark metal and Hard rock. This is rather unusual for a young band which wrote these songs in 2008, but it's also reassuring at the same time: it means that Traditional metal isn't a thing for the old over 30 at this moment (we're in 2010), but something that can be appreciated and therefore widespread by new generations of listeners and future musicians years after its peak.

The title track, "No Chance...Again" and "Last Light" offer a sort of Metal which isn't melodic, nor aggressive, certainly catchy, often following in Down's footsteps, whereas "Habitat for Insanity" differs a bit from the rest owing to a beginning sounding as if Led Zeppelin played Metal, while the remaining part of the song is 80s metal paying homage to Raven, early Anthrax and pre-Dickinson Iron Maiden.
"Is It True" reminds of Pantera before Phil Anselmo entered them and it's one of the best tracks, yet the very highlight is "Problem with Authority" thanks to the best title and lyrics, and probably the best guitar riffs and bass lines.
If you have never heard any song from this Canuck act, then I advise you to start with "Twilight Radio Waves", counting on the album's finest chorus, no shinola!
With "Wasting Time" on the other hand, you'll find a more aggressive and tighter composition than the others just before "Break Me", the first ballad of the record.
Unfortunately I can find nothing special or interesting to say about "Left for Dead", followed by two instrumental tracks, "Lena's Song" and "Burning Stack"; the former is a ballad-intro, the latter a powerful track rich in finished guitar touches and licks.

It wasn't an urban legend...Notwithstanding all the odds, Classic metal and rock will never die as long as fresh lymph comes from the new generations of musicians with the balls and the firm belief in their means!

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th September 2010

Line-up on this record:
Jason Turnbull - Guitars. Lead Vocals (2009-)
Jeff Larsen - Guitars, Vocals
Paul Larsen - Bass (-2001, 2009-)
Andrew Whiting - Drums (2009-)

Calgary (Alberta) - Canada
E-mail: info@thelastact.com
Official site:

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