Last Days of Humanity
'The Xtc of swallowing L.D.O.H. feaces'

(Bones Brigade recs)


MARK: 85/100


There've been lots of bands which've tried to overcome the meaning of the term 'extreme' and Last Days of Humanity have accomplished that aim.

This is their 3rd official release, a live album, feeding the appetites of their fans short before their awaited impending new studio CD. All you find here is: a huge sound, rotten mouthfarts (what great vocal effects you guys have chosen!), heavy fast riffs and pulverizing human drums, usually as rapid as a drum machine at full speed, with grind blasts, ultra-frantic tom tom sloshes, and when they slow down, there's place only for crushing riffs. In a nutshell, imagine a mix between Carcass, Mortician and C.S.S.O., not bad, isn't it?
What Carcass started 18 years ago has been updated and the attitude of the Dutch guys surpasses the English ones'; as a matter of fact Jeff Walker and his associates always had a humour vein lying between the lines of their releases, which is completely absent here, replaced by pure research of extreme biliar disgust, mixed with total cynism and a bad taste that finds my complete appreciation; one of those apocalyptic, noisy, splattering bands, whose artwork is once more composed from real gory photos from our own planet, nothing more nothing less; tens of graves, viciously injured dead people from the 3rd World and one case of hydrocephalic new-born.

This live experience will probably be one of the bloodiest and most stenching ones in (y)our lives, I think L.D.O.H. do deserve the appellative of world's goriest smashing grind band. Enjoy the violence!