'Nessun Urlo nell'Ombra'

(self-released MCD)

MARK: 86/100

Resurrected from the ashes of brutal deathsters Lacerated and with a partially-renewed line-up, the 5-piece from north-east Italy is back this time with a much more professional 13-minute-mini-CD, graphically, musically and recording-wise (the production is stunning and how could it be any different? They applied to the Fear studios!).

These 4 brand-new tracks are undoubtely a huge step forwards in comparison with the decent, though chaotic, previous EP. The Bolognese also appear to have been capable of creating a fairly personal style most of the time during these years of transition, with the exception of "Nato Morto" (born dead), containing just a few Cannibal Corpse riffs and "L'Odore del Sangue" (the smell of blood), which has some drum patterns similar to the almighty Deeds of Flesh.
The high level of musicianship can be detected for example in the opener "O.S.S.A." (bones), showing the best guitar solo of the record and a couple of killer curdled riffs.
Moreover, a mention must go to the new singer, who is intelligible enough with the lyric sheet before, but most of all on account of his effective and nefarious voice, ranging from demonic Deicide/Infestdead screams to guttural vocals and all the intermediate possibilities, decidedly superior to his predecessor.
This record has no hint of Black metal at all, and oozes blood everywhere; plus, you can bet you will not find a single second of Melodic metal and that is quite unusual nowadays, still logical and right at the same time, as all of the compositions deal with death and crime chronicles; by the way, I particularly dug the lyrics of "Nato Morto", describing the doom of those who are already dispatched at birth or the people who end up with finding themselves in desperate dead-end situations, often without blame.
Lacerater are probably the first act dealing with the issue of the 'Mostro di Firenze' (Florence monster) an esoteric doctor who commissioned a pack of semi-illiterate peeping old men the kills of solitary couples in Tuscania in the 80's in order to bring him some maimed remains. I have never heard of another band citing Mr. Pacciani bar one who was not serious and was not even Metal, so the Emilian quintet gains more importance and prize thanks to the original choice of an event neglected by local Extreme metal bands; the theme of death is as old as man's history, and indeed the dealing with this company of serial killers stands out as unique all the more reason since the lyrics are all in Italian, a language that does not have easily suitable metrics for Metal at all!

The first exam has been passed extremely well, now the writing of a full-length is expected full of hope. So far we can rejoice Italy has five new apocalypse riders able to cope with foreign competition, which is almost a miracle in the scene of today and considering the country and the area they are from, which is one of the least Metal ones you can find in the West. Has Bologna found the heirs of Electrocution and Hybris? I do think so.
"Nessun Urlo nell'Ombra" (no scream in the shade): an awesome bloodbath stuffed with brutal, twisted, yet catchy structures. Life sucks but there are rare bands that make it more endurable.
Thank you guys very fucking much.


Line-up on this record:
Antonio Susca, v./l.
Stefano Sabattini, g.
Marco Lambertini, g.
Marco Zirondelli, b.
Riccardo Grechi, d.

Marco Lambertini, via Crespi 4, 40129 Bologna - Italy
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Nessun Urlo nell'Ombra (MCD- 2007)