No Limits

(Rising Works)


MARK: 89/100


This is the remastered version of the best album of one of the Italian metal bands who's amongst the most popular abroad. We have a mastering imperfection at the beginning of "Mortal Sin" and after about 1 minute of "Piece of Time". As many already know this record, let me remind you only the significant episodes included in here: "Mortal Sin" is first delicate but soon becomes a fast-paced ride; the vocals are a little Kiskian, which means beautiful, but the keyboards are different from his ex-band's and the whole song is quicker. In "Midnight Resistance" the vocals are some way Winters Bane-like, so very high, and the most acute ones are in "Dreamland", close to Rob Halford, and teh song is already a classic by its involving guitar solos and a high altitude flight on the wings of the vocals and the predominant instrumental parts where a destructing drumming is silhoutted.

There's a stunning mix of vocal lines in "Piece of Time", as to strophes, immediately ineffaceable refrain and bridge; one of the most memorable moments of the album, before "Vertigo", owning violent vocals and drums, a lot of drum machine parts; like "The Right Sign", based on odd drumming times, it's an as powerful and unusual song for Labyrinth; can we call it power metal/dance? Certainly something a new and refreshing intro for "In the Shade", a song standing out thanks to its wonderful solos, the vocals once again superb, and a pounding kick drum onslaught.

The top of all is reached by the title track, melodic, blue and then massive in a classy way alternating intense emotions, and even featuring a keyboards work really similar to the soundtracks used in some '80's movies by masters Lucio Fulci and Lamberto Bava, I swear it! "Red Zone" is a blow of healthy speed metal, balanced by vocals set in several fashions and a furious drumming, with an unexpected change at the end, making the whole composition various enough, while "Time Has Come" is a mighty ballad that includes a few orchestral arrangements as well; it's the melancholic outro"Looking for" the closer chosen for this work; yet in this limited edition we also have 2 bonus tracks, of which the first, "Call Me", shows a dynamic drumming, but the sound is too dirty, especially the guitar sounds are too raw, whereas "Miles Away" very good vocals and keyboards, this time rightly not so prominent, bringing us to a magical dimension, and unfolding the most touching heartfelt guitar solos of the whole record.

This Cd owns all the qualities to be liked by classic metal, power metal, and class metal fans, and it proves that Labyrinth do know how to handle their instruments, and have gained a long deep experience in the phase of songwriting through all these years.