In between worlds

(Self released)


MARK: 63/100


This trio from Sacramento sounds like the latest Cryptopsy in the 1st track (they haven't included any titles nor lyrics unfortunately), while the 2nd song is a bit confused, someway saved by the use of double vocals, divided between Ryan Robbins (guitar) and Brad Kobylczak (bass and recording).

The 3rd composition is actually my favorite, probably because of the well-chosen alternation of slow and fast parts, a few cool stops 'n' goes, along with # 4, including a catchy middle part.
The closing track proves to be endowed with 3/4 good riffs, even though the Canadian masters' influence is present here and there one more time.

To the best of my knowledge this 5 track should be the first CD unleashed by the Californian act, so I'd just recommend them to work on the arrangements and improve their skill, so as to make their songs more appealing; not that I've an obsession for originality, neither for memorable time changes, yet I felt them all scarce during these songs; you do realize there's something good once in a while, nevertheless you miss the flair that can make listeners feel like listening to the CD again; which is a good way to keep the listeners' attention high, especially if they have to go thru a full length. The recording and mixing are satisfactory, there is firm belief in playing, therefore rehearsals and live shows will make the rest. Yeah, 2003 could be the year of the turning-point for Kuru.