'Under the veil of death'

(Split CD by Black Orgon Records)

MARKS: 65/100 - 70/100 - 70/100

36 minutes compound this seven-song split showing three corpsepainted low-fi Italian Black metal bands, each one with a distinct style.
Krowos start with "In Nora Mortis Nostrae", a slow, dark, ritualistic, funeral and repetitive song with occult and suffering Blackish vocals, sometimes enriched by a second layer; the closure is entrusted with an acoustic guitar and a brief distorted guitar stroke.
"The Ravens of the Hidden Path" displays fast Black metal with hysteric vocals (sometimes almost female-sounding!), a dynamic up-tempo in the vein of Darkthrone, and a central slowdown leading to the end in a pattern similar to the first track.
Mystica Nox show 3 songs, of which "Crushed from Bloom" and "Moment of Cruelty" are pieces of raw, mostly fast, merciless Black metal with evil vocals and a mid primitive break proeeding at mid-speed; they both scarcely original, but effective and pleasant to listen to again and again, probably helped by a slightly more professional recording.
But it is the third track the one that seems to be the most involving and the best written, "Under the Occult Visions", and the one that Mystica Nox had better take as a successful way of composing, fit for their attitude and abilities.
With Mors Spei, like the monicker suggests, we are engulfed in a misty, catacombal and rapid Black metal played with a drum machine, being a one-man band.
The ghostly sibilant vocals are added to a good main riff and it's a pity that the guitar sounds weak and not offensive as required by the genre during the fast parts.
The two tracks are long enough, and the second appears a tad better recorded as to drums, bass and guitar, which is strange because they must've been recorded in the same studio in a short stretch. "Shadow of the Burning Empire" contains a martial headbanging break and Hellhammer-like riffs, confirming the traditional path that the label meant to imprint this project.
I always enjoy these songs more at night at a low volume and with low lights, whereas in the day and at a loud volume they do lose a part of their fascination, so do yourselves a favour and choose the best mood and environment to taste all of the joys and the nuances of this split; these are true Black metal outfits striving to keep the old spirit alive even after all these years since the genre's pioneers' early demos.
Only 1,000 copies for a release destined to become a rare cult item and you can bet I won't put mine on Ebay; on the contrary, I'll proudly be keeping it in my collection all my life.
Let the jaws of death take you over...

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - February 10th, 2014


(Mystica Nox)

(Mors Spei)

Line-up on this record:
Krowos: Umbris, g - Frozen, d. - Tsade, v. - Bheltregus, g. - Mescun, b.
Mystica Nox: Anders Buhm, b. - Sorg, d. - Venor, v. - Zahen Krieger, g., Valgoroth, g.
Mors Spei: Wolf, v. and all instruments


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