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MARK: 90/100

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Self-described as Foo Fighters meets Hot Water Music while in a shower with Thin Lizzy with only one bar of soap, and that bar has been dropped! They've actually claimed to include many more influences in their sound: Dead Season, The Fucking Champs, Seaweed, Fugazi, Farside, Leatherface, Small Brown Bike, Planes Mistaken for Stars, ATDI, Sparta, Lip, Chamberlain, Shift, Empathy, Samiam and Six Going on Seven. That's correct, but I'd also add the Street Punk with raw vocals of Total Chaos and a few riffs in the vein of bands such as Social Distortion.
This happens in "Buying Time", but the range of feelings expressed is ample and goes from the desperation of "Deathbed Reflections" to the catchy mood of "Blinded and Alone", to the retrospective disillusion of a couple born in the wrong neighbourhood ("Asphalt and Stone").
It doesn't end here, because the leading riff of "Extinguisher" seems written to an audience of hopeless drunken men; this song contains one of the best refrains of the album together with the one of "Can't Hide the World".
From the melodic Punk of "Givin' in" we get to the lively and hot up-tempo of "W/O", decidedly my favourite track, balanced between Raging Speedhorn (first surprise) and angry Punk, like in most of the Canucks' production.
"It Girl" is another song that goes beyind the common borders of the Ontario quartet, as it starts on the trail of Police, recurs to AFI for a while and then borrows a lot from Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards.
Kover prove they're not any odd Punk band, throwing Emo/Pop vocals alà Howard Jones in "Frozen", and so giving the track a touch of refinement and melanchony; where most would have failed, the two singers supply their material with intelligent and well-performed vocals, setting the singing a high value on their sound economy.
The closure is entrusted with "Light the Sky", the most melodic track in the platter, moving forward as tired as the protagonist's life, who feels he's living without conviction, nor goals.

"Assembly" is easy to memorize also thanks to a perfect production, but it's not a foreseeable record at all. Another act to keep your eyes on and add to your buying agenda. After all, have you ever heard a Canadian band suck? Mm, it's more likely to see peace between the Hebrews and the Palestinians.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 2nd November 2007

Line-up on this record:
Ryan, g., v.
Greg, d.
Jaye, g.
Neal, b., v.

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-Assembly (CD - 2006)