'Sounds from an Empty Room'

(Self-released digital EP)

MARK: 94/100


Keep the faith baby! Just when I thought that nobody could give birth to Rock songs with a 90s-shaped songwriting and excellent quality due to age limits and lack of inspiration anymore, here comes a must-have digital EP that proves me wrong from a young debut 4-piece hailing from Oklahoma City.

Four songs and 14 minutes of decently-recorded musical bliss halfway between Rock and Metal, whose mentioned influences are Chevelle, Tool, Five Finger Death Punch and Seether. This is patently hearable for most of the cited actsfrom the opener "Lies", rich in distinctive hooks, great riffs and huge vocals
. It is immediately clear that the band love the Rock and Metal giants of the nineties, but what is outstanding is the freshness of this song; superb licks on vocals and new riffs followed by an axe solo on a heavy drum pattern complete the middle part of it, while the main riff comes back and stopped drums lead to the conclusion.
"Downfall" begins in the vein of Puddle Of Mudd and the likes, veering its coordinates by a straight unforgettable Indie Rock riff; there are less electrical parts than in the previous track but more drums eruptions. Killer stuff, in no uncertain terms.
Bass lines and palm-muted guitar strokes are the protagonists of the initial structure of "Drown", filled in soon by melancholic vocals in some degree and later a hypnotic refrain, until a riff changes everything and speeds the pace up, accompanying the listener to a guitar solo; when the refrain is back it is clear right away how much composing talent the four musicians possess, and the following pinch harmonics are just the icy on the cake.
An arpeggio with echoes of a reverberated guitar opens "Forgive Me", based on light guitars and soft cymbal beats in order to deliver a waiting feeling that needs to be released at the soonest; and that's exactly what happens later thanks to electric bursts.
All of the songs deal with existential issues but this one contains the best lyrics in my opinion, painstakingly describing the despair of someone who gave their utmost, couldn't be different or better, and if that doesn't do, then it's their problem and goodbye. This song really gave me thrills down my spine and it doesn't matter if it reminds Nirvana with Puddle Of Mudd and if the drummer has a tiny delay at one moment. As if it weren't enough, the best guitar solo of the EP is here and the final crescendo even skims Sludge Metal, preceding the last delicate, fading away seconds.

Slightly vintage Rock Metal that doesn't sound mouldy at all? Seems easy, just try and then we'll see if ya can...I absolutely crave for new songs off Kirra, while they're on their way to becoming the next big thing and I guess I won't have to hold on long.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - November 20th, 2014

Line-up on this record:
Jesse Williamson - lead v., rhythm g.
Zach Stafford - d.
Daxton Page - lead g.
Ryne McNeill
- bass g., backing v.

Oklahoma City - USA


Official sites:


- (demo - 2007)
- (demo - 2009)
-Sapiens Demens (CD - 2013)