'Soul, Emotion, Flesh'

(Self-released MCD)


MARK: 97/100


Experience is necessary and you can hear it! This brand-new band, formed by ex-members of cult Greek acts (Acid Death, Brain Fade and Wisdom), has put together just 3 songs for 13 minutes on the whole, but that's already enough to recommend you their name immediately, so that when the next long CD is out you know you can buy it with your eyes closed.
Yes, and luckily the very good recording represents the icy on the cake, by making their style clearly heard during all the length, bass included, whereas the lyrics deal with the horrible side of life, perfectly matching the sound the 4-piece proposes.
"The Realms of Nightmare" is a Sepultura/early Kreator thrash/death song with a few power/thrash passages reminding me of the never enough missed Metal Church, while "Hate Master/Holy Instinct" is formed by a disquieting intro preceding a technical power/thrash/death. Finally, "Never Ending Winter" proves to be the most particular song with an original melting-pot between Swedish Death metal and progressive metal in the middle, after those there's place for the cameo of a superb thrash guitar solo, followed by the repeated refrain at the end.
Everything is top-notch here, so you have no excuses not to buy Kinetic's 1st release, especially if they ask you for only 5 lousy Euros or US$, postage included, don't you?


-11 Kassiopis str. 174 56 Alimos, Athens - Greece
E-mail: kineticgr1@yahoo.gr

-19 Dimakopoulou str., 104 45 Kato Patisia, Athens - Greece
E-mail: kineticgr2@yahoo.gr