'Foreseen Storms of the Apocalypse

(Baphomet Rec./Red Stream)


MARK: 75/100



If anyone takes a glance at their lyrics and artwork, they'll expect one aggressive Black Metal band like many around, while luckily this CD contains much more.

A bloodfreezing intro hymning demons' king's coming makes way for the unholy opener "Beheading the Son of Jehovah", unstoppable blasphemy going on for all of the 7 remaining tracks of true pitch-black harsh US Black Metal that the 3-piece + session drummer and additional keyboardist have prepared for us.

In the hyperfierce "The Future Kingdom Lies within the Horde" some keyboards appear to only accompany sporadically, without interrupting the tension flowing during the more than 8 minutes (it must be said "Forseen..." is a quite long opera lasting over 52 minutes, so all of the songs are very elaborated so as not to let the listener take a nap); "Sworn to Belial, I Lead" begins with piano notes and demonic black + death vocals in a manner not too different from a Necrophagia's song in "Black Blood Vomitorium", then the drums and extremely sharp guitars turn up before the final onslaught.

A perfect song to excite the audience is "The Dawn of Evil", so I'm sure Krisanth often play it on stage. And then we go on to my fave, "Chaos through Serenity", a killer song with old black parts rightly matched with atmospherical ones, featuring a fantastic dialog between Daemon (vocals) and Satan or a demon (even tho' even the weakest demon actually emits 10 times more frightening and inhuman sounds).

The last 2 songs leave some smart peaceful moments for the listeners' psyche and ears, and indeed the closing track "Draconis" has place for some short clean vocals, as well.

At last a Cd with a good and clear recording and mixing, yet absolutely dry and raw. The Massachussetts spiked devils ain't monsters of techinque or originality, notwithstanding their Cd is warmly suggested to those who wanna live an hour of terror, darkness, profanity and sonic slaughter, without looking for the class of the genre top bands, but for fuck's sake!, you can clearly realize they've made lotsa efforts to grow personal and embody the various influences deriving from their record listenings and live experiences with bands of different musical areas into their style.
The Black Flame awaits...