Kettle Cadaver

'A Taste of Blood'
(Horror Rock Records)

MARK: 97/100


It's only 18 minutes but as intense as ever; self-mutilations by the singer, among which a few staplings of his face and several syringes on his body, anal bestialities on a dead coyote, dead cows kicked into the audience before the pause given by an eerie monstruous character walking into singer Edwin Borsheim's residence (probably himself).

What you'll see will be not only macabre or horrorific scenes, but also a shag in a swimming pool, a song played in the water, a brawl, ampallangs and other genitalia body modifications by the singer, a man who really must have a high pain threshold! These scenes remind me of the movie Strangeland, with Dee Snider, but here everything's true! The vocalist is martyr-clothed and wears a barbed-wire around his head on some scenes and is a self inflictor that God would please very much, I s'pose, ahah.

The band, who hit hard, is composed of 11 crazy or at least extreme people, alternating one another show after show or even during the performances, and they sometimes remind me of a mix among Misfits, Gwar, Genitorturers, Cradle of Filth, GG Allin, Interceptor's saga with Mad Max and the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow, both visually and musically; if you're looking for something fresh and extreme, that's the first start a couple of effective comments about this footage should give you a pale idea of what is included in this splendid DVD of decadence and violence:
-Their show was stopped after exactly 26 seconds (John L.Cook - Temecula Police Department)
-During their in-store appearance we had 2 broken display cases, a broken arm, a busted nose and people cut on glass (Wyatt Miller - Spin Records).

What makes me feel low is that I'd never heard of them and I believe very few know them in Italy, which can seem a normal thing for a brand-new band. Thing is, that they've been around since 1995 and they seem to have lots of money, so they must've sold tons of CD's and be quite popular over the ocean, and I still don't understand why the bigot censorshipists here keep on attacking Marylin Manson, Slipknot or the Berzerker, who're simply amateur boyscouts if compared to Kettle Cadaver...


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