Kadath - "Chasing the Devil" (MCD)
(Cudgel Agency)


MARK: 75/100


Based on an interesting and detailed concept about Andrei Chikatilo's story, Rostov's butcher, here is the coming back for the German brutal death metal Kadath, which also sees a change in the line-up, quite important because Gesuz (ex-Mental Aberration) is the new and still only guitarist; this fact has given the band further stimuli after a pause of about 3 years since their previous CD "Cruel" was released.
Their music is quite intricated, brutal, dark, and the vocals (growls, screams and boarish cries) were intentionally low mixed within a surprisingly all-clear recording, yet not crystal clear.
The 6 songs + outro - rather personal - could be set for convenience in what I'd call German brutal death metal, something less dynamic than the Swedish one, more arranged and less predictable than the US one. Only one thing is certain: it's played well and half riffs aren't chunky, though constantly intense and bringers of headbangings galore.
I liked the funny idea of writing a fuck off list supplied with complete names and it was also good to add a CD-Rom section with a lot of Kadath's pictures, a bio, and above all 4 videoclips recorded live at the K17 Club in Berlin on 2/3/01, among which the track that's become the opener for "Chasing the Devil", that's to say "The Investigation". Unluckily the sound is not of the best, but at least it's clear enough.
The only thing that I could recommend these 4 guys is to work on the songs more, so as to better the arrangements and make them just a little more various; however, the level these German assailants have achieved with this 3rd digital recording is undoubtely quite high, and that's why they were offered to play again at 2002's Fuck the Commerce Festival, after already taking part in the first edition of '97, so I can't but state Kadath are worth the money that must be spent.