Joseph C

Push the Button in Advance

(La fiera dell'odio Records)

MARK: 65/100


The disquieting sounds of a mean life depicted by the obsessive minds of Joseph C (all instruments and producer) and Veronica Dell'Agostino (vocals); 15 songs for only 24 minutes. After an intro we meet "Smell of Hate", a sort of Alec Empire and Atari Teenage Riot, while "W.I.P." shows original vocals on noise and trip hop bases, before the suffocating and hallucinating electronic onslaught of "Destroy the Association!!!", in which the singing is in the background.

Other important episodes of this CD are "Horrotik Asesinos", inspired by old director Jesus Franco ("Count Dracula, Female Vampire-Erotikiller, Oasis of the Zombies, Vampyros Lesbos, She killed in ecstasy, A virgin among the living dead, Demoniac", and so on), in the style of Dj Shadows, thanks to the odd times, the short piano and cry inserts in the background, "Suicidal Freak", whose intro is taken by the legendary "Eaten Alive", "Jeanne" (inspired by Joan D'Arc), the very badly built "In the Music Stayla", the worst of all.

It's much better what we hear in "The Coming of C", rife with tension, "Shoggoth", inspired by Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and the straightforward and polemic "Mussolini 2000", dedicated to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Qualities: the product is destabilizing and the artwork is cool, the lyrics are easy but effective, even if some words are not easy to be read because printed on a white background.
Once again I have to see scarce English masterdom and the recording can't be considered excellent (I'd've preferred a stronger and better mixing of the vocals).

There're some good ideas and influences, nevertheless the trend of horror or mondo intros is becoming unacceptable, so I think and hope Joseph C will hit the mark next time if he looks more into himself and less at what is being released now. We'll see...