Join Us In Creating Excellence


(Monomentum Collective)

MARK: 81/100


Another local band from the Dutch label's roster is the female-fronted five-piece, debuting with seven tracks of Alternative Punk once again released in a digipack (unfortunately without booklet) showing a cover that owes a lot to Dalì's dreamy works.

By the opener "Paper Planes" it is immediately clear that the two guitarists do the lion's share of Join Us In Creating Excellence's sound; right away tight, then dream-like and enriched by awesome guitar licks in the backdrop, the composition later offers scorching vocals. Top-notch Post-Punk/Math-Core indeed!
The bass - always mixed high in order to emphasize its tireless work - contributes to keeping "B.R.S" nervous and frantic due to its spate of up- and mid-tempos and contagious vocals, whereas the title track will be remembered mostly because of its crushing main riff and all of the other piercing guitarwork perfectly matching the vocals.
A sinuous 70s-like rifferama is in the spotlight in a song more controlled than the others ("Chapters End"), in which several time variations and diverse guitar strokes in different styles work side by side with the singer, who is here able to express her very best vocals.
The guitar of "Killer Joke I", thanks to a particular effect, anticipates an enthralling verse sung in a very Punk/Metal style, much more than in the other tracks, and is closed by fiery screams in the Doom finalè. Imagine a mix of Sin Of Night, Rob Zombie and Electric Wizard and you'll be pretty close to the global material.
With no pause the short "Killer's Joke II" begins, actually bringing no new elements to the record. Strange but true.
A Doom riff with pedal-flangered guitars opens "Dark Devil", a song rich in palm-muted riffs and drum beats, also delivering a scream and a couple of guitar solos.

The strength of "Indestructible" lies in the guitars, not in that they're skillful; it's the performance, the original ideas and the care in the details so as to never make them sound randomly placed that enhance the quality and the impact of every composition. If the other members had put the same effort into this record we would be talking about an orgasmically perfect first offering; in truth, we are before a sturdy collection of seven brooding tracks that not only encompasses what the band is capable of but also hints at the versatility and ambition it possesses to raise the bar in their next release.


Line-up on this record:
Koen Verhees - g.
Cas Krijnen - g.
Erwin Schara - b.
Tjalling De Leeuw - d.
Isabelle Wouda - v.

Eindhoven - NL

Official site:

-Indestructible (CD - 2015)