'Demonss Conclave'

(Self released mini-CD)

MARK: 69/100


In order to be comforted by the death of ex-President Slobodan Milosevic, the greatest benefactor of mankind in recent times, I decided to listen to the new MCD by the Polish band, released after 4 years of silence. Their sole album is "Descent on the Cross", but it hasn't drawn too much attention to this seasoned band which has been around for over 12 years and - like Napalm Death - includes no founding member any longer.

I chose this CD from the ever-growing pile of stuff I have to deal with, as I knew they are steadily stuck at the old branch of Death metal, which is already a plus to me and all those who have been swimming in these waters since the late '80s.
As I expected, the 5 tracks confirmed I was right: "Armageddon Fire" boasts fast drumming with despotic vocals and incendiary riffs, yet there's also room for a few middle otherworldly ones; similar tunes are also utilized in "The Cordons of Hatred", apotheosis of the MCD, in which abysmal and urticant mid-tempos will make you feel like engulfed by lava streams and sulphur miasmas, pretty much in Nile's and Immolation's style, that is particular and memorable melodies.
"Holy Crucifixion" recurs to the same formula, while "Black Ascenation" is impressed with the infamous mark of the Polish act: blaspheme majestic Death metal, influenced by Morbid Angel as for the guitar solos, Deeds of Flesh for the tight drumwork, and most of all by Suffocation.

A fair skillness and good sounds are nothing special nowadays, notwithstanding the 4-piece hasn't obtained a satisfactory sound of the charleston; I'm aware life in Poland is hard and therefore it's hard to self-finance an album if you don't have your own studio, but I can't close my eyes and ears before the several plain English mistakes you can read in the booklet or hear in the pronunciation. Although I liked the impact of the songs very much, I have to admit it still isn't enough to emerge at the moment. That said, accolites of anti-Christian Death metal can start searching for this EP without hesitations. Next time with the sustain of a label and more time on their hands, the 4-piece will achieve all of its potential.


Line-up on this record:
Michal Harlender - Guitars, vocals
Sebastian Sutryk - Guitars
Wojciech Czachura - Guitars, drums
Daniel Tanajewski - bass

Michael Harlender, Ul. Rozyckiego 9/21, 43-100 Tychy - Poland
E-mail: harlender@netblok.pl
Official site: www.isolated.pl

-The Cursed Earth (demo - 1999)
-Descent on the Cross (CD - 2001)

-Demonss Conclave (MCD - 2005)