Inside Conflict
Unearthed from Wonderland

(Overcome Rec.)


MARK: 95/100


Pissed off death metal with some chips of hatecore (like in the chorus of "Man Eater", "Brain Wash", "Steps to Paradise" and in most of the vocals); the riffs rule everything around, both when they are imperious as in "Shit Factory" and when they are more death/grind like in "Forgotten Live", also featuring 2 clean guitar lins (this is actually the only a bit Dying Fetus-esque track); "Eat so Izzy" is the cover of the popular Guns 'n' Roses' song, played in a most hardcore manner and a lot shortened, as a matter of fact.

Later you find some demonic vocals in "Leper", whilst the ones in "Carved into Flesh" may even remind of old Sepultura or Nailbomb; thing is that these 5 guys have prepared a quite various and pleasant record, where vocals, drums and 6 strings take no prisoners at all.

Add another cover, Brutal Truth's "Birth of Ignorance" and you'll have the band's coordinates clear. A curiosity: track Nr. 15 includes the last track + all the previous 14 ones again, with no differences regarding the mixing, the order and stuff; is this maybe to fight the wear and tear of time and avoid the listener to burn the CD?...

The recording is really good, balanced, cutting and a little dirty, but hey! This is metal!
All you find in their down-to-earth lyrics is destruction and desperation; there's no will to hide the truth from Inside Conflict, for the truth hurts, but you gotta face it sooner or later.

Hope for today...
Pain for tomorrow
Life in decay...
Death in sorrow
This is "Unearthed from Wonderland" in a nutshell: a magnificent pig to buy in a poke.