Challenging the falsely sick in the underground

Answers by bass player Fred Anton after the release of "Life"


1. If compared to "Growth" this CD shows a lot of efforts more. Why did you decide to release such a rich CD and weren't you afraid of being forgotten after 4 years?
So, we decided to release “such a rich CD” because this album is the middle part of our concept and we thought it was a very important step in INHUMATE career. So, here is the explanation of the concept : we’re putting together 7 albums (we call it a heptalogy) base on the idea of Life and Time abolition. « Internal Life », the first CD (1996), is an illustration of the antenatal life, « Ex-Pulsion » (1997) represents the moment of the birth, « Growth » (2000) doesn’t need much explanations, « Life » is the middle concept album, then will follow « The Fifth Season », « Expulsed » and « Eternal Life ». This last step ends the life on Earth of all man and opens the mankind’s one to the infinite. Now about the fact to be forgotten, I don’t think so because we’re an “old” band in the deepest underground scene and people who are involved in it for a long time uusally already know our name. People that werer supporting us 4 years ago are still supporting us! And if we've lost some supporters during these years, I think we have some new ones with the last album. But you know we’re a 100% self produced and underground band and we don’t need to have several thousand people following us to make us feeling like rock stars!

2. I think the songs are more defined and discernible and the production is definitely killer this time. What's your view?
Thanx for your words! We tried to make the best we can, as the previous times. But we record our stuff in a small studio, and the owner of it is improving his job as well as we do with our music. So, we hope to always have a better sound and next time it will be better!

3. Did you take a lot of shots in the studio or was usually the first one OK to finish on the record?
We always record the instruments one by one : first drums, then bass, then guitars then vocals. So the first shot is never the best one… And it explains the long time passed in studio.

4. Which are the songs best representing you nowadays?
??? I don’t know… All the tracks are representing INHUMATE I think… But in my personal opinion the ones I prefer on “life” are “For Lust”, “A Trip”, “Blasted” and “Sickness is the Law”… But tracks like “Blind” from “Ex-Pulsion”, “Putrefaction” from “Internal Life”, “Vanité ?”, “Satyriasis” or Muensterturm” from “Growth” are also really representative from the INHUMATE spirit.

5. How does it feel to be in a grind band nowadays? I mean, usually grind bands are young or come from Japan, so you must feel some pressure and honour to bring this 'flame' forwards in France?
We’re an old band and we’re also “old” guys. And we’re proud of what we do. You know we always kept high our independent way now I think we begin to have a small underground name in the French scene, that's cool ! But there are also some other French cool grinding acts like SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION, GRONIBARD, WARSCARS, ELYSIUM, etc… And I don’t think we’re the leaders of the scene, we’re just one band amongst the other ones.

6. Does Chris write all the lyrics and who is the minotaur you talk about in "Labyrinth"; is it a metaphor or a real being?
“Labyrinth” is totally metaphoric because it’s a way to explain how life can be. How your life can change from a day to another just because of one decision you've made. Everything is only the result of the choices each of us have to take.

7. Do you think there should be a balance between social and less committed, serious lyrics (like the ones in "A Trip")?
Yes, because we’re not into social or politic lyrics. We don’t think we have to tell to people what they have to think, believe in, eat or do through our music and lyrics. We are a music band, so we try to not put some social messages in our lyrics. And I think that’s why we have such “strange” topics, far away from the usual goregrind cliché, or agathoclones social lyrics.

8. What were the best shows and what happened to Chris so that his forehead bled during the show?
Difficult to say which were the best shows, but when people ask me I usually say that the Obscene Extreme Festival is amongst them. It’s such a brutal as fuck festival !!! I never visited such a cool place for underground people ! It’s maybe 10 times more underground and less devoted to the commerce than the “Fuck the Commerce Fest”… Now about Chris forehead, he hits himself with the microphone, that’s why it’s bleeding… And to the question “ Why is he hitting his head with the microphone ?” I answer : because INHUMATE is a real sick band… Too many bands use the word sick and show sick artworks… That’s easy, everybody is able to do that. We say we are sick, and we are really sick, the proof on the video you can find on our “Life” album and the best way to understand that is to visit an INHUMATE show.

9. What were the worst shows on the other hand? Have you ever been whistled or treated bad by some big bands? And have you ever had problems with the public?
Problems with the public ? No, never. We don’t consider ourselves as “stars” and the public as “fans” (I hate the word “fan”)… We’re all together to have a good moment and we’re all united for the same cause ! Now about our worst shows I don’t know what to say… It’s years that we've enjoyed almost all our shows. We give the best we can and the public understands it and they support us during our performance, either if they’re not grind freaks. Until now we haven’t been whistled by big bands. Usually they ignore us and we do the same. They are stars, we are grinders.

10. Have you ever played in Japan or other places out of Europe? Which is the best audience and why? How do you react if the people don't move too much?
Unfortunately we've never played out of Europe… We already had some offers from Brazil and the USA, but we had to pay the travel and it was too expensive for us. And as I told before the audience usually moves enough. We think that the audience is “king”. So if people don’t move or seem to be boring it’s ONLY the band that is responsible, and never the public. So bands that are crying because this or that public isn’t good should think a bit that maybe the band itself isn’t good enough !!! Let's stop the rock star attitude in the underground scene !!!

11. Has it ever happened that Chris lost his voice during a show? Would someone be able to replace him and sing in his place immediately?
Hopefully it never happened… And in that case I can’t do anything… Maybe should David do it, but I think we’d stop the show. INHUMATE is D. (David), I.(Christophe), Y.(Yannick), F. (Fred) [“DIYF”, from “Growth” album]. We all have something to do and if one of us is missing then nothing can go on.

12. Are you also friends out of the band?
Of course we are, but it doesn’t mean that we meet each other every night. Nowadays it’s maybe 6 months that I haven’t met another guy (except Yannick concerning Grind Your Soul distro things) out of the rehearsal or concert moments.

13. Has the line-up been solid for many years so far or is Alzheimer spoiling my memory?
The line up has been the same since 1994, and I think that’s why we’re able to make the things we do.

14. Do you have time to answer all the fans?
I don’t like the word “fans”, I prefer people or guys. So, yes I find it. I’m really busy between my family life, my job and INHUMATE but I do answer all the e-mails and letters I get. This is also something very important in my eyes. The people who write me are people who take a bit of their time for INHUMATE, so I need to give a bit of mine time for them. This is a fair attitude I think.

15. Next plans and releases? Have you ever been contacted by some indie labels?
We’ve been contacted several times but we always refused all the proposals. INHUMATE is and will stay an underground and independent band. We will never obey to any commercial shit. I don’t mean that we refuse a possible deal, but as long as we think that the propositions we have are not honest we don’t want to sign. I think we will never sign, but never know what may happen in the future . Now about new release, yes, we will release Our next album “The Fifth Season”! When ? I don’t know, we still haven’t the first note of it.

16. You can take all the place you need for info, messages or whatever you feel necessary.
Thanx a lot for your support Markus and now to all readers I say : feel free to contact me for anything, all letters and e-mail will have an answer. We also have a huge distro list, if you’re interested to have it just send an e-mail to Remember that if INHUMATE is still self produced until now it’s because some cool underground maniax are buying some of our CDs!!!


I N H U M A T E [band since 1990 - line up since 1994]
C/o Fred ANTON, 19 rue des paturages 67310 ZEINHEIM - FRANCE

-4 track demo 93 "abstract suffering" (tape 01)
-6 track "grind your soul" (tape 02)
-"INTERNAL LIFE" (CD, 1996 - GYS001)
"EX-PULSION" (CD, 1997 - GYS002)
-"GROWTH" (CD, 2000 - GYS003)
-"LIFE" (CD, 2004 - GYS004)
-7"ep "MISSED EX-PULSION"split with Alienation mental
-7"ep "LIVE" split with Vaginal incest

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